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Serpent Consulting Services is a full-service Open ERP/ODOO organization based in India that serves the global client and offers outstanding offshore OpenERP / ODOO development services.
Serpent Consulting Services offer advance OpenERP/ODOO HR and DMS Training to learners across the world. Based on our technical and functional expertise in OpenERP/ODOO.
Serpent Consulting Services has expertise in providing various Services for OpenERP/ODOO which includes support Training, Migration, Offshore Implementation and Website Development.
Here, at Serpent Consulting Services, our team possesses superior expertise and extensive knowledge to match your project expectations in the most relevant and professional manner.
Services we provide are eagerly result oriented
We offer result oriented satisfactorily services to our clients
Odoo / OpenERP is a comprehensive suite of business applications
GNU Health solution provides freedom of free software to public health
We help your Business Reach Perfection

Our Pioneered Avid IT Solutions To Keep Your Organization Prosperous Than Ever!

6+ years expert will make complete SRS of the system
Dedicated team will develop customized system
Run Test scenario, UAT and Deploy Pilot Project
Provide 1 full training, 1 month on job training to all users

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Odoo tips of the Month : May 2017

Dear Reader,

Being an expert of ODOO Since 10+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for May 2017. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of Media around ODOO especially Twitter and Facebook. Let's thank to them.

Here are the tips.

Please see more Updates:

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  3. Odoo news in March 2017.
  4. Odoo news in April 2017.

Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing various ODOO services in more than 155 countries. Our services includes Training, Support, Migration, Implementation, Development and offshore. We are a team of 102+ full time OpenERP/ODOO experts including 4 techno functional experts who were part of core OpenERP framework development and having 10+ years of experience in Odoo/OpenERP. We have conducted 81+ local and international functional and technical training on OpenERP with 91% satisfaction ratio.

Look at the events and customer feedback.



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Guess What's Buzzing Around!! It's Odoo Version 11 Release!

Improved API, Faster Interface, Developer Focused and lots more! Yes, you read that right! Odoo Version 11, which is soon going to be released in near future offers lot of convenience as compared to its previous versions. Want to know more details? Read further!

                                                                                Odoo 11

The latest buzz going in the OpenERP / Odoo market is about Odoo Version 11 release. Much of the focus is given on the intuitiveness, usefulness and better accessibility to the end-users & development team. With Version 11, we can see new website dashboard incorporated with various keyboard shortcuts. In addition to this, there will be new global search option in the homepage itself. New payment acquirer are also integrated with Version 11- Payumoney and payment Stripe.

Other major developments that will be seen in Odoo V11 are as follows:

  • Introducing global keyboard shortcuts and global search feature.

  • Making navigation quicker and easier compared to previous versions.

  • For Odoo community, version 11 offers better usability, speed, new design (as compared to current Odoo Enterprise version) and mobile interface.

  • For Odoo Enterprise, it offers better and flexible modules for-

- Accounting

- Localizations

- Service companies

- Odoo Studio

- Reporting & dashboard interface and many more

Much of the focus is on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is done with an aim of incorporating onlineshop improvements and to make it more audience oriented. It includes-

  • Defining and using Robots statements

  • Removing IDs from URL

  • Naming URL differently from H1

  • Removing “Shop/Product” and using shorter URL

  • Correct linking of menus (side category)

Besides these, we will be going to identify lot of functional changes that will make Odoo platform easy to use, convenient and audience oriented. Let's have a quick glimpse at that too-

Here Comes the major ones- Featured Functional Changes

            Timesheet Application

  •   The brand new interactive look for Timesheet recording.
  •    Timesheet validation update, report generation to analyze difference between attendance and timesheet.
  •    Attendance and Timesheet.
  •    New updated timesheet flow.

           Accounting App

  • Creation of new module for populating bank statements by importing CAMT.053 XML files.
  •  Analytic accounting analysis.

           New Product Catalog App:

  • With this, you can access product catalog just from your apps dashboard.

Subscription App

  • It includes new dashboard, follower analysis, analysis by company and all   companies.

The Discuss app is going to be integrated in Version 11. It includes-

  • Counter near starred items
  • Some kind of shortcuts that can be directly used in text box.

                        Example- /leave to leave the channel, /who to list who is in the channel

          Odoo Version 11 is also coming with new usability features that includes-

  •  Odoo WMS
  •  Odoo Subscription
  •  Odoo Accounting 
  • Thus, these were all about the new Odoo version 11 release. What are your views on it?

To become one of the very first Odoo 11 implementation organization, please contact us!


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Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Elavon Inc., formerly NOVA, is a processor of credit card transactions and is a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. It is among one of the leading payment gateways that offers merchant processing in more than 30 countries and supports the payment needs of more than 1,000,000 merchant locations across the globe. The payment gateway - Elavon is the 4th largest U.S. credit card processor. In addition to that, it is a top 6 acquirer in the European marketplace.

With the aim of delivering robust and flexible payment gateway solutions, the Elavon, Southern DataComm (SDC) and Global Card Services (GCS) have come together that already has more than 20 years of experience in global processing networks and gateway technology.


Why Elavon?

The Elavon Payment Gateway offers a smart, affordable solution majorly for small to medium-sized businesses wanting to accept online payments. Simple to manage and easy to integrate, Elavon provides almost everything- a rich set of features that you would need to start accepting payments online. Furthermore, as you will combine Elavon as the online payment gateway and initiate card payment processing, you'll just have one source for all your processing and servicing needs.

The seamless integration of Elavon's solution with just one service agreement offers combined and consistent expertise throughout the project. With the streamlined integration to websites and eCommerce platforms, the Elavon Payment Gateway allows businesses, of any size, to participate in the global marketplace. Further it addresses the complexities of online solutions to make taking eCommerce payments easier.

As Elavon is gaining popularity and booming in American Region, we decided to integrate Odoo platform with payment gateway. Not to mention that, there is huge community available in US region who are using Elavon and Odoo, both. Before Elavon, we did integration of Fedex, UPS, USPS and many more shipping services for the same region.

We have a very vast experience in payment gateway integration, as we have a special department of integration services. You can see serpentcs.in to see how many payment gateways we can offer with Odoo Integration.

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Now, let's move to subject – Elavon-Odoo Payment Integration !

What we have done so far in integration is, once you will confirm order from website it will ask you for payment and we have added option- Elavon, and you will able to pay by this payment gateway.

                                                                                    Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Once you will add any product in your cart and proceed further to checkout, there will be option called Process Checkout.

As you click on Process Checkout option, you will see below screen -:

                                                                                Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Here you can see, the payment option called Elavon under Payment Method.

Select Elavon payment option and click on Pay Now.

                                                                                            Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Once you will click on Pay Now, you will be redirected to the above shown Elavon screen. You need to enter your card details over here and proceed for payment.

Click on Process to proceed further.

Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

On successful processing, the payment will be done. You can see your order confirmation and notification of successful payment on the screen.

                                                                       Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

You can also check the confirmation of your order from Odoo backened.

                                                                        Elavon-Odoo Payment Gateway Integration

Also, you can see your confirmation of payment option.

This is how Elavon-Odoo payment integration works – a smart and affordable solution for small and medium-sized business.

SerpentCS is having a special experience and unique capacity working in Odoo and payment gateways integrations. We would like to assist you on development on any of the payment gateways with Odoo and the satisfaction is guaranteed.