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Gap Analysis

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OpenERP/ODOO (back link of ERP services) provide an exceptionally efficient suite of ERP business applications that helps any business organization streamline its business activities and augment the efficiency of each of its departments whilst delivering better ROIs. This comprehensive suite of business applications is customizable, cost effective and highly productive. However for the implementation of OpenERP, you need detailed planning. Another imperative pre-requisite for implementation of OpenERP is GAP Analysis.

Why do you need GAP analysis services?

The major goal of carrying out GAP analysis services is to identify the gap existing between the current levels of integration of resources with current level of integration. GAP analysis is very important for developing a deep delved insight into the organizational areas which need significant improvement. The process of GAP Analysis subsumes determination, documentation and approval of the variance between the current capabilities and business requirements. To summarize, GAP analysis can be considered as a vital process under ERP implementation that compares the existing business processes with future improvised business processes.

“Our team helps the top management of the organization to deploy the most suitable ERP solutions”

How Serpent Consulting Services can help you?

With our GAP Analysis services, we aid our clients to find out the easiest and best ways to make required changes in their business practices for improving their day to day business activities. Our expertise oriented ERP consultants provide you a clear and lucid image of how things should be working in future to achieve optimum productivity.

Though it’s a resource and time consuming process, but our ERP consultants carry out a profound research on the existing business processes to understand where changes are required and what are the best ways to make those changes so that the current working does not gets affected. Our team, after completing the GAP Analysis, helps the top management of the organization to deploy the most suitable ERP solutions that can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational processes.

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