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We leverage our Proven Methodologies to help our Clients with Flawless OpenERP implementation services

OpenERP/ODOO has become one of the most imperative tools in an organization through the metrics including ongoing maintenance or operating costs, initial expense, return on investment and time to value.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, we at, Serpent Consulting Services offer highly competitive OpenERP implementation services with a rigorous approach. We not only focus on achieving efficiency and effectiveness in above mentioned metrics, but also ensure that certain additional metrics like impact of OpenERP/ODOO implementation on productivity, disruption in operations and the level of OpenERP/ODOO adoption across the organization. We ensure that our OpenERP/ODOO implementations are efficient enough to avoid any pitfalls like OpenERP/ODOO failed implementations, cost overruns, disruptions in operations, time delays and many more.

We possess OpenERP implementation expertise


OpenERP/ODOO systems impact almost all the aspects of an organization; therefore, the successful implementation of an OpenERP/ODOO project is of utmost importance. The OpenERP/ODOO implementation process subsumes the entire process of integration and deployment of OpenERP/ODOO as a whole and its modules, encompassing its evaluation, specification establishment, deployment planning, software configuration, loading of data, installation and training of the employees for enabling them to make the optimum use of implemented OpenERP.

“Our expertise oriented OpenERP/ODOO consultants aid the organizations reduce the chances of implementation issues by helping them in managing data integration challenges, involved risks and complexities”

We leverage our proven methodologies and help our clients with seamless implementations and align the newly installed OpenERP/ODOO systems with your organization’s resources, so that you can reduce your overheads and cists whilst improving your ROI.

We offer a broad spectrum of OpenERP implementation services, which include:

  • Pre-implementation expertise and definition of key performance indicators
  • OpenERP/ODOO implementation project management
  • OpenERP/ODOO implementation and change management
  • OpenERP/ODOO implementation design and configuration
  • OpenERP/ODOO implementation data conversion
  • OpenERP/ODOO implementation quality control
  • Business process improvements using OpenERP/ODOO implementation
  • Postgres Database tuning and indexing
  • Auto Database Backup of ODOO/OpenERP instance
  • Report Optimisation to speedup report execution
  • ODOO/OpenERP instance synchronisation with Bucardo and Slony
  • Data Migration from any database/Excel/csv to ODOO/OpenERP
  • Test case design and User Acceptance Testing on ODOO/OpenERP

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