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MySQL Training

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MySQL is one of the most popular and widely used open source database technology and efficient data storage system. With its proven scalability, performance and ease of use, MySQL has become one of the cardinal choices for web based applications. A large majority of popular and fastest growing organizations in the world subsuming Adobe, Google, Facebook, Alcatel Lucent, Amazon.com and many more to power their business critical systems, high-volume websites and packaged software.

Why MySQL?

MySQL is a feature rich database management system that offers some of the astounding capabilities that make it one of the most demanded and used database technologies. Some of the unique capabilities of MySQL include:

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Robust transactional support
  • High performance
  • High availability
  • Strong data protection capabilities
  • Web and Data warehouse strengths
  • Ease of management
  • Comprehensive application development
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • 24 X 7 support and open source freedom
  • No licensing cost

Why choose Serpent Consulting services for MySQL Training?

We, at Serpent Consulting Services offer our learners the industry best MySQL training in most advanced labs and through state of the art infrastructure. Our trainers are proficient database administrators and developers who have spent years in technical industry and have worked with some of the most renowned organizations across the globe.

We ensure that our students get most intensive and exhaustive learning but at the same time we strive to make it a highly affordable MySQL training program. Our trainers leverage their industry experience to aid learners in developing the most demanded MySQL skills and a profound understanding of every concept related with database administration and development. We train our learners on live projects and help them understand the challenges that they will face in real world database scenarios. Our focus is ot only on making our students technically proficient but we emphasize on helping them develop problem solving, analytical and reasoning skills so that they find it easier to take up the complex challenges at their workplace. This is one of the reasons that we only hire experienced trainers who are aware of the latest MySQL developments and industrial applications of database management systems.

We make certain that our Students get most Concentrated and In-depth Learning

MySQL Learning Paths at Serpent Consulting Services

We offer different MySQL learning paths subsuming required and suggested courses to help you develop requisite skill set and achieve your training objectives. Our trainersalso aid our learners to prepare for the international industry-recognized MySQL Oracle certification.

The MySQL training paths that we offer at Serpent Consulting Services include:

  • Database developer
  • Database administration

Featured MySQL Courses at Serpent Consulting Services

  • Introductory Course to MySQL 5.5
  • MySQL for Beginners
  • MySQL Quickstart fundamentals
  • MySQL for Developers
  • MySQL for Database Administrators
  • MySQL Cluster
  • MySQL developer Techniques
  • MySQL Performance Tuning
  • MySQL High Availability
  • PHP and MySQL – Developing Dynamic Web Applications
  • Customized MySQL training for individuals, groups and organizations (Corporate Training)

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