DOST - Delivery Order, Signed and Tracked : A Friend of DeliveryMen

A Mobile ERP to ensure your customers

We have published the Delivery Order Signed and Tracked application to the entire Odoo Community.

You can download it using the link below.

If this is interesting to you and your clients, please have a look and send your feedback.
Whoever wishes to try a mobile app, they can download using the link below.

This module may be useful as it is OR you can make further customisation as per your / client requirement.

DOST v1 - Delivery Order, Signed and Tracked - in Odoo

Have a look at the video.

DOST - By SerpentCS

DOST v2 - Delivery Order, Signed and Tracked - in Odoo by SerpentCS














Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.  Presents a delivery boy-friendly mobile app working with Odoo. The application helps the delivery boy get the order confirmed, signed and tracked and the data is sent to server. The app works both for Android and iOS.

Have a look at the video.


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Faraz Khan On, 19 December 2018

Hi, I am interested in Dost V2 app for Odoo 11 Community Version. Can you please quote best price and any other technical features of this app. Also do you have marketplace extension for odoo 11? I will look forward to hear from you. Thanks & Best Regards, Faraz Khan