Enhanced Lab module in GNU Health

Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience in the field of ERP implementation and consulting. We present you the module that allows the user to select the Lab to get the lab test done. GNU Health is a health care system developed on Tryton, open source ERP platform. It is a free/Libre system for health practitioners, health institutions and governments. It has the scalability to suit small private clinics as well as large public hospitals. It covers the functionality of Electronic Medical Record(EMR), Hospital Management and Health Information System(HIS). In GNU Health, there is a Lab module that allows user to create a lab request for specific lab test. In separate menu, user can see Lab test requests and Lab test results but in lab request there is no way user can specify the lab. SerpentCS has created module that allows you to create labs and allows user to select the lab when Lab Request is generated. User can create a Lab from Health> Configuration> Laboratory> Lab. Lab is also associated with the hospital. Enhanced Lab module in GNU Health One hospital can have multiple labs. Enhanced Lab module in GNU Health Now, when user goes to Request Lab Test, he can select the Patient, Doctor and Lab. After that, select the Lab tests to be requested. Enhanced Lab module in GNU Health All requested test can be found in Health> Laboratory> Lab Test Requests. In the list view also the Lab field can be seen. Enhanced Lab module in GNU Health Lab Test Result can be seen as the following: Enhanced Lab module in GNU Health So, this is the simple yet very useful functionality provided by the module. For more information and queries, send us an email on contact@www.serpentcs.com. Thanks.

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