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As a childcare service provider, your primary goals are to offer a quality learning experience and loving care to the children at your center. However, time-consuming administrative tasks can divert your attention from those goals.

Dealing with paper invoices and sign-in sheets can take your employees away from the most important part of their job -- taking care of the children. By automating the record keeping at your center, you can regain time to focus on the children. There are many advantages to automation including accuracy and efficiency, as well as saving time and money.

When thinking about how to best automate management tasks at your center, you’ll want to consider a number of factors. Some of them are,

(1) Registration and Enrollment

Paper-based methods are slow, expensive and hard to keep track of. Automated software allows new families to easily register online from their mobile device or computer. Centers can onboard just as easily, by downloading the application and moving through the registration process.

(2) Check in and Check out

The outdated paper-based method of checking kids in and out of a care center has no place in today's highly digitized world where almost everything can be accomplished with one keystroke.

The childcare software app/portal can communicate directly with the care center to ensure that children are safely transitioned to an authorized adult. The system maintains daily track of check-in and check-out times down to the second. You can even add authorised persons that you want to allow for pick n drop of your kids.

Families can view and update the child’s schedules while keeping the center informed.

(3) Payment Portal

Using the daycare software or app makes collection procedure fast and convenient instead of collecting tuition fees manually. Allowing parents to pay online or through the parent app makes the process more transparent so your families will experience greater satisfaction and appreciate the professionalism of your center.

(4) Messaging and Picture sharing

With daycare management software/app picture sharing is safe and secure with no risk of exposing children to unintended viewers. No more fragmented emails or text messages or private Facebook pages.

Webcam access and direct messaging keep parents connected to the milestones their children achieve and activities they do every day.

Parents can receive daily messages regarding their child, feedback on their progress, upcoming events and any other important notes.v

(5) Employee Management

Maintaining employee profile will be very easy. Their personal details, working hours, vacation requests, payroll details everything could be done online. Internal messaging and calendar feature will be in each employee's dashboard and will allow directors and owners to communicate initiatives.

These are some very basic and important functionalities but still, there is a huge scope for expansion depending on which country the software will be used. Like for USA based daycares, more functionalities can be included like biometric hardware integration, online submission of documents like kid’s vaccine report, allergy form, meal plans for infants, medication form if any kid is on regular medication, in house extra activities enrollment details, etc.

With childcare management software, all of your daily operations will be accessible in one convenient place which will make the childcare experience better for everyone involved. It will bridge the communication gap between parents and childcare centers. If you want customized Day-Care ERP, exclusively meant for your child-care institution then contact us at


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