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Odoo Integration Services | Third-Party API and eCommerce Integration

Nowadays, Online Business is Growing Rapidly. A Majority Retailers and Business Firms Rapidly Transforming to Online Business to Boost Sales and Generate High Revenue of Business. Managing All Activities of a Business without Proper Planning might be difficult for Many business organisations. Odoo ERP integration has now become a very Significant aspect of a functioning business. Odoo ERP Integration Services gives flexibility and Management Solutions of Business Organizations.

What is Odoo ERP Integration?

Integration is Merging between two or more software APIs to build a new user dashboard that helps to automate business management processes and improve sharing of data between various applications and systems to make a better workflow for e-commerce businesses. As we know after the pandemic e-commerce business is on a hike and managing it must be smooth and that’s where integration comes in, for ERP Odoo gives the flexibility to integrate with different Payment Gateways, e-commerce integration, POS, and Social Media Integration. Implementing integration acts as a complete solution for businesses that can meet their requirements. As Odoo is an open-source ERP system that can be completely customized, this makes Odoo integration easy as developers can create unique Business Applications as per client's requirements.

Odoo ERP is an integrated system that focuses on major business management operations. This can often be done in real-time. It can be used to collect, manage, store, and interpret data from all areas of your business firm. Odoo ERP software can help businesses to improve their performance(working efficiency). It’s a valuable investment as it automates certain internal processes.

Advantages of Odoo ERP Integration

Modular Structure:-

Odoo ERP’s Structure is Very Easy and Customizable. The Modular Framework of Odoo ERP makes managing Business tasks easier. Odoo is a simple platform that allows Business Firms to select and choose appropriate modules as per business needs.

Up-to-Date Technology:-
Odoo ERP Uses Latest Up-to-Date Technology to Improve and Grow Business Management Firms. As Business Trend and Demands changes on Daily Basis, Every Year Odoo Releases New Versions to Meet Latest Industrial and Business demands. When Upgrading to the Newer Version of Odoo ERP, the Data of Older version will not be lost. 

Versatile System:-
Odoo ERP Software has a Major Feature is Resourcefulness. Odoo ERP is versatile and flexible and can be easily integrated with other platforms for better business efficiency.

One of the main advantages of using Odoo is its user-friendly interface. The software is easy to use and navigate, even for users who are not tech-savvy. As a result, Businesses of all sizes can use it.

Accelerate Growth:-
Oddo’s Full-stack low-code intelligent automation enables businesses to deliver and grow the market faster and achieve a 70% boost in business productivity.

Odoo Integration Solutions by SerpentCS 

SerpentCS having expertise in Odoo ERP Integration with third-party tools using technical API library and web services in Odoo. Running Odoo ERP along with other tools of Business operations will pave the way for effective management and gain control over the business. Here we will go through some Odoo integration Products Provided by SerpentCS. 
  • Microsoft Azure SSO Integration
  • Odoo RingCentral Integration
  • Odoo Worldpay Payment Gateway Integration
  • Odoo Docusign Integration
  • Odoo Paytm Payment Gateway Integration
  • Odoo Signable Integration Digital Sign
  • Odoo Braintree Payment Gateway Integration
  • Odoo Sagepay Payment Gateway Integration
Microsoft Azure SSO Integration
Odoo provides interactive features to integrate or synchronise with Microsoft Azure. Using this Microsoft Azure SSO Module, you can sync your Microsoft Azure platform with Odoo, and allow business firms to access Microsoft cloud Docs with Single Sign-on. New and Existing Users can Connect to Azure SSO with Odoo Integration.
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Microsoft Azure SSO Integration | Odoo Apps Store

Odoo RingCentral Integration

Odoo RingCentral Integration puts users in control of all of their business communication. Odoo ERP’s RingCentral module allows you to make Two Ways phone calls, manage messages and keep tracking phone call logs. Odoo ERP RingCentral is one of the leading cloud telephony providers & has various solutions based on your business requirements. If you are looking to improve your business team’s efficiency and want to reduce unnecessary costs on the phone system then contact RingCentral Partner & RingCentral Integration experts at SerpentCS today!

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Odoo RingCentral Integration | Odoo Apps Store

Odoo Worldpay Payment Gateway Integration

Worldpay is the world's top most professional payment acquirer. Worldpay accepts payments via various methods, including credit/debit cards and e-wallets, and offers merchants the ability to use the Worldpay Payment Gateway for eCommerce Business and finances.

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Odoo Worldpay Payment Gateway | Odoo Apps Store

Odoo Docusign Integration

Docusign Leading in eSignatures Transaction Management, you will be using them for your sales, invoice processing, purchase orders, and vendor agreements. SerpentCS's Odoo Docusign integration enhances operations of Business Firms with legitimate documentation. When you are using Odoo ERP Integration with DocuSign, your Odoo CRM tool will sync your customers’ information against their documentation signed with DocuSign.

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Odoo Docusign Integration | Odoo Apps Store

Odoo Paytm Payment Gateway Integration

Odoo Paytm Payment Gateway Integration Provides suitable Payment System for E-commerce Websites and Business Owners. Paytm Payment Integration with Odoo offers multiple payment options to customers. The Module also records each ecommerce/business website transaction in odoo.

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Odoo Paytm Payment Gateway Integration | Odoo Apps Store

Odoo Signable Integration Digital Sign

Signable is a UK Based Electronic Signature Service Provider. Signable Integration with Odoo Provides Business Documents with E-signature. Odoo Signable Integration Digital Sign Module Requires Sales Management and Invoice Management Apps to send and receive e-Signatures in PDF via EMail.

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Signable Integration Digital Sign | Odoo Apps Store

Odoo Braintree Payment Gateway Integration

The Braintree with Odoo Integration Module Offers a Seamless Payment Gateway so you can accept online payments using Braintree Payment Gateway on Odoo website. Currently Braintree Processes Payments in 130+ Currencies and 45 Countries and regions. Odoo Braintree Integration is a module which is build to engage more and more users with your odoo e-commerce business. Braintree Integration With Odoo lets customers pay merchants using credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets like Apple pay.

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Braintree Payment Gateway Integration | Odoo Apps Store

Odoo Sagepay Payment Gateway Integration

Odoo SagePay Payment Gateway Integration offers your customers secure online payment methods making it flexible for your business to grow faster. Sage Pay is the prominent secure online payment service provider in Europe and with its Odoo ERP integration, you will be able to accept payments from card machines too.

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Sagepay Payment Gateway Integration | Odoo Apps Store

The Odoo ERP is the Customizable an ideal all-in-one solution for SME businesses. In fact, Odoo ERP Platform is open-source (i.e. customizable), as well as one of the most economical alternatives among other ERP solutions. That's why we work on future-driven technologies by offering Odoo API integration services delivering great benefits to the clients while enabling businesses to streamline and automate their business processes.

If you are interested in Odoo API Integration for your business operations, please contact us at We can guide your business to have high profits and effective business operations with Odoo's support.

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