How to Manage attendance for Remote Employee

Track your employee attendance hassle-free.

In Today’s time, managing your employees is a  very crucial part of any organization as most of the employees are working from Home. In order to make the task easy for the Human Resources Department, we have developed a solution where you can track work/tasks and the attendance of your remote employee.

Attendance :

In the Attendance module, we have set up a check-in /check-out option that gives you information of In /Out time of each employee.

Attendance Policy & Rules :

Punctuality is very important for any organization that reflects a company's culture and environment. We have created Attendance rules which help HR 

management to calculate their extra working hours, Late check In of employee, absence rules where you can set up a late fine.

Additionally, differences in shift timings can be added and monitored.

This is how you can set up extra working hours rules that apply after working hours for an employee

For latecomers, we have added late-in rules where you can set the time period and late fees amount.

Set up absence rules for employees who are on leave without informing the Organisation. You can set up a fine amount according to your company norms.

Time Different rules are the difference between employee’s shift timings and login time, where you can set up an amount that you would like to charge from your employee if they have different login times. For Example, if an employee’s login time is 10 am and he checked- In at 11 am then the difference would be one hour. Likewise, you can set a time and rate.

Every organization has a different attendance policy, for that, you can also set up an attendance policy. For Example, If an employee is working on holidays with extra hours then overtime salary can be calculated according to extra worked hours.

Attendance Sheets:

Most of the HR Management facing the issue to check the attendance of each 

employee for a specific time duration. The attendances option gives you an overview of each employee check-in and check-out with time duration. It helps you to generate an attendance sheet for a particular time duration that gives the HR Manager to calculate attendance status with present/ absent. You can easily create a Payslip based on the attendance of employees.



Employees Information:

Let’s check out how you can manage employee’s details. Employee option gives you to check out full information that includes contract, payslips, leaves left, and active or inactive status.

The below image describes the employee's page.


Analysis Reports:

In the end, attendance analysis is very important because you can check out the reporting option that allows you to generate different attendance reports.


For more information visit our module links which are given below.

The Complete HR Solution Features: Employee Dashboard, HR Dashboard, Skill, Leave and Attendance Analysis, Job Position Recruitment employee management lifecycle with HR operations like Onsite Management, Evaluation, Expense Reimbursement, Checklist, Warnings, and many more things.

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