Its official now: OpenERP version 7 has been released!

Hello Community! Happy OpenERP 7.0 to everyone! Thank you for a great Open Source Ecosystem.

Has the world ended?  YESSSSSSSSSS, for old ERPs... A new star has born which has directly become the SUN. Its totally Official now, OpenERP version 7 has been released. OpenERP just launched: 1/a new website, 2/a new OpenERP version, 3/ an oAuth provider, 4/ an open apps store, 5/ a new SaaS plateform !

You might now plan to get trained on this amazing version.

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Click on the below image to feel the live experience of OpenERP v7 demo!

OpenERP v7 demo  
 Thanks, Serpent Consulting Services!

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Raghu On, 22 April 2019