Dear Reader, Being an expert of Odoo Since 8+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for November 2015. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of Media around Odoo especially Twitter and Facebook. Lets thank to them. - Self-paced Online Odoo technical training at a very low cost of $99. Rated 5 star and more than 48 students enrolled. - Configure Odoo to use Zentyal LDAP - SerpentCS gets the 2 best Partner awards for its software services including for Odoo. - Odoo- Bigdata Initiative. - Know Odoo v9 web widgets : Daniel Reis Tweeted. - OdooRPC 0.4.1 : #Python Package Index" #feedly - Insert a contact form in any place of your website with this #odoo v8 module: - OCA/pylint-odoo is a new repository by OCA via GitHub - Custom backend theme for #odoo v8: menubar & buttons - Select payment mode in recurring invoices created from contracts with this #odoo v8 module: … - Thanks @domatix_tech - The wait is over! popup reminder module and #organizationChart module are available on odoo app - Manage export profiles easily with this #odoo v8 module: - Thanks to Antiun - Integrate events and mass mailings with this Antiun module for #odoo v8: - Odoo v9 Upgrade API — "API used to upgrade an Odoo database to a higher version" - How to close Fiscal year in v9 : Documentation. - Developer tip of the day: Solution of the Common Developer challenge - How to rename module without losing the data! - Odoo Advantages introduced by Richard's Story. - Odoo HRMS Android app, Use and Feed us back. - Odoo gap analysis modules : PR from Eric Caudal team - - #Odoo 9 accounting Gaps analysis blog post : … - How to code your module and share it to @OdooCommunity page/code - See your sent mails from #odoo v8 with this module: … - Thanks to Yajo & Antiun Ingeniería - Odoo module for expanding grouped records in web. - Monitor your Odoo instances with … - Odoo Accounting Explained - New book gives tips and guidance on how to use Odoo Accounting

Odoo Tips of the Month : November 2015
- Make profiles for your products and simplify their creation with this #odoo v8 module: … - Thanks to David Deal - Our First iOS ODOO app has been launched on iTunes today. Check the feature video here. - Odoo tip: use self.env[model].onchange(current_vals, fields, {'field': 1}). It returns a dict with the changed values. - Daniel Reis. - Put legal terms to be accepted before purchasing products in ecommerce with this #odoov8 module: … Thx Yajo (Antiun) - The extension of quality control module for stock operations in #odoo v8 has arrived to OCA: - SerpentCS did one more successful integration of odoo with #windows hand held device. - November #OCA newsletter is out ! Have a look here: … - Odoo - Backend modules in v8 - A setup guide for #odoo POSBox Please see more Updates: 1. Odoo news in May 2015. 2. Odoo news in June 2015. 3. Odoo news in July 2015. 4. Odoo news in Aug 2015. 5. Odoo news in Sep 2015. 6. Odoo news in Oct 2015. Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing various ODOO services in more than 42 countries. Our services includes Training, Support, Migration, Implementation, Development and offshore. We are a team of 60+ full time OpenERP/ODOO experts including 4 techno functional experts who were part of core openerp framework development and having 8+ years of experience in OpenERP. We have conducted 56+ local and international functional and technical training on OpenERP with 90% satisfaction ratio. Look at the events and customer feedback. Thanks.

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