Opendays 2014 Videos : Stephen Mack

Hi Everyone, This is reference of the email from Stephen Mack( to the community mailing list. We wish to share for those who are not a part of OpenERP community mailing list.

A big Thanks to Stephen. It was great watching the odoo Opendays Conference live by video feed from Santiago Chile, reading your tweets and seeing your video interviews. odoo Opendays Conference (Day 1 – June 4, 2014)

 odoo Opendays Conference (Day 2 – June 5, 2014)

odoo Opendays Conference (Day 3 – June 6, 2014)  

"What's cool and new in Odoo v8" and the Mobile "MERP" application on video -

odoo Opendays 2014 Conference (Non-Main Theater Sessions)

Looking forward to a great new year with odoo Version 8.


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