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SerpentCS receives the excellence award for Industry Development by IEDRA - Delhi

Achieving the national award and recognition

Date : December 02, 2017

Location : Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.

On the stage : Ambassadors, Governors, Union Ministers, National Leaders.

The global service provider of Business Applications and Software Solutions, SerpentCS has been awarded for the excellence delivered for the IT industry by Indian Economic Development and Research Association (IEDRA) on the 80th Seminar of National Ecnomic Development jointly organised by All India achievers foundation and International Achievers Conference. This is proud moment of celebration for the hardwork done by the team of Serpent Consulting Services since its inception, 2011.

The award was presented to the Managing Director of SerpentCS, from Mr. B. P. Singh, the Sr. IAS officer and former Governor of Sikkim and Mr. Shivraj Patil, the former Loksabha speaker and former Home Minister of India. The stage was chaired by Industrialists, Governors, Union Ministers and Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India.


SerpentCS feels immense pleasure to receive the award. It has been a proven fact that we listen to our Customers, suggest the best fit solution, serve the state-of-the art, deliver quality, hire the best talent, nourish the employees to do the best, respecting the time and accuracy. These factors are the bricks of our foundation leading to Success.


There were around 45-50 awardees chosen from all over India and we feel lucky being one among them; ofcourse the hardwork beats luck though. The awardees were well analysed by the IEDRA from various sectors and regions of India specially for their vital role in the development of India for mainly the following factors:

  • Economic Development of India
  • Employment Generation
  • Quality of Services
  • Helping India reach global by services
  • Social activities by responsible programs to deliver back to the society
  • Corporate Performance
  • Certifications and awards achieved
  • Global Presence

The Indian Economic Development & Research Association(IEDRA) has been formed for the economic and social development of individuals and organizations. IEDRA is operating on national and international levels with the object of promoting economic welfare of all nation. The association formed a Managing Committee of members from diverse fields of economic and social activity. These members are well experienced and qualified in their fields. The association has many other member from diverse fields such as health and medicine, information technology, industry, engineering, education, building, construction, civil engineering, architecture, mining, tourism, journalism, social services, environment and professionals from many areas. For more than ten years all these members have contributed to the various development programs and activities of IEDRA.

One of the main activity of IEDRA has been to conduct international seminars. and conferences on various economic issues and topics. These Seminars have been conferences on various economic issues and topics. These seminars have been attended by Cabinet Ministers, Governors, Senior bureaucrats, Ambassadors from many countries and also individuals and organizations from various economic fields. These seminars have attempted to deliberate on the development issues of the national economy and international cooperation. An important part of these seminars has been the appreciation of also presentation of Awards to these persons.

This award is so encouraging for the team of SerpentCS and this enables us to deliver better to our customer, keep the momentum going and achieve even more helping the development of the nation.



SerpentCS is thankful to everyone who have been supporting us for all during the years since incubation, either actively or passively; be it the local government, well wishers, ex-colleagues, customers and employees. This is a victory of yours, be proud!

Thank you.