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“Immigration” — a term that refers to the international movement of people to a destination country is something that is very crucial. In this process, proper sharing of information, storage of information, and following legal rules of both countries play a vital role in successful immigration. As a result, there was a need for an automated system that can help to ease visa processing and immigration processing.

For years, there has been no software built for the immigration business in India and very little available in other countries, which made it its citizens quite difficult to immigrate. But recently, an immigration software- SerVisa was developed by SerpentCS that is meant for potential migrants and attorneys to immigrate to different countries. It is a flawless visa management system that helps in keeping track of every detail of visa applications. Let us have a detailed look at the overview of the SerVisa software, its challenges, and the solutions provided. Here we go:

SerVisa Overview:

SerVisa software is built on Odoo version 8 platform with an aim to offer student visa and permanent residencies of foreign countries. It maintains and implements a complete track of workflow- right from Lead management to Customer management.

Provides a CRM integrated immigration system for easy visa processing. It includes different module integration, namely- Marketing, HR, CRM and Employee Attendance.
It offers a seamless one-stop solution for your Visa processing needs.

Challenges Faced:

To build a single platform from where users can register themselves and update the immigration. customer details. Along with that, the platform must allow tracking of the entire immigration process and data.

Allot resources in bulk while manually communicating with customers. Also, another major challenge was to maintain data from several physical locations. All these need to be automated into one system. A solution was required to meet the increased demand for quick and efficient services.

The client needed an application or automated software for maintaining and tracking the data that could be updated manually. This also sends automated alerts to the customers. A dedicated website was required for easy data processing of customers where information can be integrated and shared easily.

Proposed Solution:

After assessing the entire client’s business needs, the solution proposed was built while keeping in mind to accommodate future changes in the business.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module was integrated with the existing automated system for the right processing of data. This seamlessly integrates the client’s website with the system and allows easy sharing of data.

In case if the visa processing of any of the customers stops or any kind of error occurs, then that issue is identified easily and performs necessary action.

This Seamless Visa Management System offers marketing and communication under one platform.

Also, adding, updating and other necessary actions can be easily carried out by the client’s new CRM application.

Thus, this is how the Seamless Visa Management System — SerVisa works and offers a flawless solution for all your visa management and immigration needs. If you are still in a state of confusion to use this system, have a look at some of the exceptional features & benefits that you can get from SerVisa:

Features of SerVisa:


Benefits of SerVisa:

Easy management of customer information and related documents.

Boost to marketing and sales team in targeting more sales Improved relations with customers without adding to overhead.

Managing all reports efficiently

Real-time tracking of sales, marketing, and attendance

Documents are accessible from anywhere when stored with immigration service providers

Management of department head and users with the login id

So, what’s your take on SerVisa- an exceptional Visa Management Software? Do let us know and reach us in case of any queries!

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