What are the New Features in Odoo 17 Accounting Module?

The perfect solution for your accounting needs

The accounting module in Odoo is a comprehensive solution for managing financial transactions, recording and analyzing business transactions, and generating accurate financial reports. It provides essential features and functionality to effectively handle various accounting tasks within an organization.

Feature "User-Friendly Bank Synchronization"

Bank synchronization flows have been simplified. A new Transaction Button is added on the dashboard for Banks and Cash. 

In previous versions of Odoo, the New Transaction Button is only for the Cash type of the Journals and it will redirect to the list view of the statement lines (Operations) for the Statements.

Where in Odoo17, you can quickly add the statement lines from the dashboard (Operations) directly. 


Click on the New Transaction Button, and Odoo open a wizard where you can quickly add the statements directly and save them without going to the list view of the Statement lines.


You can match or reconcile it once you have started the reconciliation process.



Feature "Deferred Entries Management"

Path : Accounting module → Configuration → Setting → Post Deferred entries in → Deferred Expense / Deferred Revenue 

The management of deferred entries is now distinct from assets. Create deferred revenues and expenses without setting up deferred models in advance.

Go to the Accounting module click on Configuration and then Settings.