What are the New Features in Odoo 17 Point of Sale?

"Discover the Future of Retail with Odoo 17 Point of Sale - Smarter, Better, Faster!"

Odoo 17 Point Of Sale serves as a complete solution for efficiently managing sales in both retail shops and restaurants. with Odoo 17, PoS can also function in both online and offline modes. Like any other modules within the Odoo ERP system, the Point of Sale module is integrated with the Sales, Inventory, and Accounting modules.

Let’s discuss the new functionalities and features in Odoo 17 Point of Sale.


Scan a QR Code, Get the Menu

Odoo 17 introduces a seamless and efficient way for customers to access menus through the use of QR codes. By simply scanning a QR code with their personal device, customers can instantly retrieve the menu, eliminating the need for physical menus or waiting for assistance. 

To Configure the QR code Menu, the user needs to follow these steps:

POS -> Configuration -> Settings - > QR Code Menu

Where the user needs to Enable the QR Code Menu Option for that selected restaurant.

After enabling the QR Code Menu, By clicking on the Generate QR Codes, it will generate QR codes as per Tables and floor plans wise. 

When the customer scans the QR code that is displayed on the table, the restaurant menu will be displayed, and also users can order using their own device.


Floor Map in Restaurants

In Odoo 17 POS, the "floors and tables map" feature is now automatically enabled for restaurants & bars, eliminating the need for manual activation.


Credit Limits Support

Offering credit to customers is crucial for enhancing a business's competitiveness. Every organisation or business needs to establish effective protocols that identify the payment terms extended to customers and the amount of credit they can be granted. Implementing a Credit Limit feature proves highly advantageous in motivating customers to achieve greater value and make prompt payments to stay within their limit. 

The Credit Limit in Point Of Sale helps businesses to strictly follow the collection strategy procedures in order to track payment of invoices and also to supervise and enforce credit limits. This credit limit will demonstrate as highly useful in establishing a cap on the potential losses a company may incur from unpaid debts.

The Sales Credit Limit is the feature introduced in the Odoo v16 for sales orders only, but now in Odoo V17, the feature is available in POS Orders too.

In this blog, Let us have a look at the Sales Credit Limit in Odoo 17 POS.

To access the functionality, Under the Accounting Module, we can navigate to Settings by selecting the Configuration tab.

The below screenshot illustrates the location of the Sales Credit Limit functionality within the Settings window. Specifically, it can be found under the Customer Invoices section.


The Sales Credit Limit feature in Odoo 17 POS provides a convenient way to receive alerts when generating POS orders for partners whose total receivable amount exceeds a specified limit. Additionally, the system allows you to establish an enabling you to set a default credit limit that aligns with your business needs. Moreover, within the customer Contact page, you will find the option to configure a credit limit.

To access the credit limit settings for customers, we can navigate to the Customers window in Point of Sale. Within the customer creation form, under the Accounting tab, you will find the option to set credit limits. Within the Credit Limit section, you will find the Total Receivable field, which displays the cumulative amount that is currently owed to you by a particular customer.


Here we set the Customer named Deco Addict’s Partner Limit as 50,000.00. The Total Receivable amount is 106,662.50. Now let us order in POS for the customer. 


Then you can allocate Deco Addict as a Customer. The moment you choose the Deco Addict, you will see a warning sign under the customer's name because the customer has reached the credit limit, as shown in the image below.

When booking an order with a selected customer within odoo 17 pos, if the credit limit has been reached, then there will be a warning sign displayed on the customer's name tab.

This way, the Odoo v17 POS triggers alerts when adding items in carts for customers with a total receivable amount exceeding a limit. 



Preparation Tools for Everyone

In Odoo 17, Point of Sale, The preparation display and preparation printer are now available outside POS Restaurant.