Explore Incredible Collection of Software Module Reports!

OpenERP/ODOO, being an open source framework gives us an opportunity to contribute to this incredible collection of software modules. We, at Serpent Consulting Services have always given significance to innovation and development and while keeping our drive for innovation alive we are contributing 62 Webkit reports of official/core modules of OpenERPv7.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank camp to camp for their astounding reporting engine. We have put in colossal effort and time to come up these Webkit reports. Our steadfast developers have given their one month of time to develop these reports. We are now striving to make these reports fully compatible with v7 as per code standard and quality.

You can check and download these reports at:
and we welcome your suggestions, improvements and feedback on these reports.

We have also developing reports for OpenERP/ODOO v8 and are planning to collaborate with OpenERP/ODOO itself in this gigantic effort. You can access the WIP at:

     The most incredible feature of this application is that it allows you to work offline through your android devices               

One can use this application to connect with your OpenERP/ODOO implementation and services, and keep track of all the ERP activities in real time. We understand that mobility has become one of the imperative business needs, but most of the management professionals often find it difficult to keep track of all the activities going on in the organization on day to day basis.

The Webkit Reports bridges this gap and enables project managers to monitor the sales and projects progress in real-time, and coordinate easily with external and internal stakeholders. This enhances their work efficiency and ensures that all the organizational projects and objectives are being achieved on time.

Some of the imperative links are as follows: