Assured eCommerce Online Reach with Amazon Integration !

amazon integration

We, at SerpentCS will extend your online eCommerce store’s reach by positioning your products before millions of shoppers across the globe. How? It is done by integrating your online eCommerce store with Amazon. Amazon is one of the most renowned online stores that have maintained its top position for past few decades. In these years, it has not only reached to new heights but has left no room for other top players of online retail marketplace to reach their popularity. With this in consideration, it makes sense for any online e-Store to leverage the systems of Amazon for enhancing their sales.


Your success starts with powerful Amazon integration powered by a team of experienced professionals. Their expertise helps in delivering world-class information which is always in sync with your online retail a system, subsuming fulfillment and order data, inventory and product attributes.

Our easy to use yet innovative classification tools facilitate quick launches of products and ongoing changes to the products. Management of your data feeds and automated monitoring, subsuming performance alerts to deliver an industry leading channel for error resolution.


We know that a robust Amazon integration is only the beginning. Our Amazon integration Services equip you with the right set of tools that have been designed to handle the most unique and complex challenges and is ideally impeccable for connecting your own retail systems with Amazon marketplace. Right from the mapping of the products to the Amazon browse nodes, while extending it to automatic data feed processing & data feed monitoring, we provide easy to use tools and services essential for augmenting revenue through your Amazon marketplace efficiently and quickly.

Why Choose Us ?

We provide proven Amazon integration services that resolve data deficiencies and are in sync with seller’s retail systems for providing highest quality of data to Amazon.

We work with existing Amazon sellers for upgrading current feed categorization rules and software versions.

We provide easy to use and highly innovative classification tools for launching new products and automated monitoring; for making ongoing changes to product assortments and for managing data feeds.

We provide you most efficient tools to help you gain control over every individual aspect of your product catalog and re-pricing campaign to enhance profitability.

We deploy up to the minute mapping configuration for making Amazon classification process simpler.

We ensure that your Amazon integration complies completely with the policies of Amazon marketplace.