Strengthen Your eCommerce Service with Strategic Shipping Options!


FedEx, UPS and USPS are the leading names in shipping service providers throughout the world. Adding these modules in your online eCommerce store can ease your shipping process. These service providers offer extensive and efficient shipping services all across the continents, and thus when you integrate these modules with your online store, you augment its functionality and reach.

Certainly, adding these leading names into your online shopping application will turn your eCommerce platform into a powerful and contemporary shopping solution. Additionally, it equips your buyers to track their orders in real time within a couple of hours of placement of their orders. Moreover, buyers are empowered to compare the shipping prices and select the best service that suits their requisites perfectly. This certainly aids in enhancing the overall user experience and reduce the associated costs significantly that would otherwise be incurred with queries of buyers pertaining to their status of shipment.

SerpentCS offer our clients the shipping integration services with some of the most popular shipping names in the world subsuming FedEx, USPS, and UPS into one component suite.

Additionally, we combine the major capabilities of different shippers into robust interfaces, whilst simplifying access to multiple carriers in an online eCommerce application.

Services We Offer under FedEx, UPS & USPS Integration


Integration of FedEx, UPS & USPS shipping and tracking services into your supply chains and online applications.


Generation of international and domestic labels.


Lightweight and small components use, with no dependencies on any external libraries.


Direct connection to all the major carriers for real-time tracking information and rate quotes.


Calculation of shipping rates for all the available shipping services.


Comprehensive technical support.
Real time tracking and rates help you achieve customer satisfaction

We help you deploy exceedingly flexible shipping rate rules and other attractive features like shipment to multiple addresses listed with the same order. We also provide quick tracking of processed order and aid them with real-time shipping rates during the checkout process, which in turn increases the efficiency and increases customer satisfaction.

Features of FedEx, UPS & USPS Integration 

Direct creation of shipping items from real-time dashboard

Selection of shipping preferences and validation of addresses

Automatic bulk fulfillment by selecting the items to be fulfilled

24*7 self-service center for customers where they can view all their information including shipment status, order & payment history