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Restaurant Management

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As per the old adage, 9 out of 10 new restaurants are not able to succeed and fail in their very first year. Though, it is statistically an exaggeration but is also not very far from the reality. Managing the operations of a restaurant efficiently has become the most significant aspect and a major contributing factor towards its success.

“Running a restaurant efficiently and successfully demands expertise oriented food costs analysis, materials management and needs to keep an eye on the developing customer loyalty; and a good OpenERP solution can give you all this”


Restaurants needs much more than a great chef and are required to stay viable in this highly competitive environment. This is why more and more restaurateurs are now opting for OpenERP solutions restaurant management solutions which equip them with q comprehensive line up of management software including Reservation Software and POS Restaurant Management Software.

“We, at Serpent Consulting Services, can help you gain an efficient control over your restaurant processes by providing you an expertise oriented OpenERP restaurant management solution”


Our restaurant management systems equip you with:

  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Efficient Track performance
  • Better business decision making
  • Efficient control over restaurant expenses
  • Identification and addressing of issues at store and corporate levels



  • Tablet based order generation
  • Full touchscreen interface
  • Customer Reservation
  • Waiting queue and table allocation
  • Join/split tables
  • Automatic Menu Generation by category
  • Product customization on order
  • Configurable product description picture and product properties
  • Inventory management for the raw material per dish
  • Cook wish dish queue with touch screen interface
  • Kitchen receipt management
  • Customer and loyalty points analysis
  • Cashbox management and credit card payment tracking
  • Pre-defined restricted access for waiter manager and admin
  • Waiter attendance management and time tracking
  • Payroll management
  • Various analytical reports with graphical presentation

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