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Darshan Jog, Enthsquare Inc., USA

The very best thing that I want to thank about this course is the support that they have given me. Jay was quick in responding to the questions that are asked and gave detailed solutions where a beginner like me can easily understand. This course has got rich content with a step by step explanation of topics in detail. I feel learning ODOO wouldn't be this easier without this course. Thank you, Jay & SerpentCS for assisting throughout this course and also to have this course for beginners like me.


Keyla Ponce, Moogah, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fiscal Printers are, in most of the countries, not simple to deal and work with. If we add to this recipe Argentina's tax localisation (which includes different invoice types) and working remotely, the result implies a fair amount of hard work. 

That was precisely the scenario for SerpentCS development for Argentina's Fiscal Printer. Despite the difficulties of working remotely, the time differences between both countries and the inherent intricacy of a fiscal printer, SerpentCS team delivered a stable module that fulfilled altogether the original requirements. 

Kudos to you guys!


Mario Alberto Ramos

POP-UP Reminder is a great module!

I'm impressed how fast and efficient the support is. In a matter of seconds, Jay from Serpent Co., logged on to my server and help me fixing an error. I highly recommend using this module. If there's any problem you can count on them.


Pratik Raval

SerpectCS, Your website is as cool as your founder. What every website needs;
1. Easy Navigation & eye catching view
2. Easy necessary information retrieval and last but not the least
3. Company's motto and you will easily get all three aspects in this site that you will get very rare in thousands of websites.
So Kudos to the Serpent Team for the same.


Bill, Doji Media, Singapore

Kudos for the good effort to build Singapore Localization Module. 


Jeremy Low, AXTRO, Singapore

Overall, SG Localization Module is a good start for Singapore based company looking for a quick and easy way to use Odoo.