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Frans Horsten

Frans Horsten

Thanks for responding so quick to my question regarding your module “Mass Edit”. Only 3 weeks after the launch of Odoo 10 you already had the module available for this version….and it worked brilliant! Great work and many thanks!

Frans Horsten,

Dr. Mustafa Hamad

Dr. Mustafa Hamad

I was in charge of a complete Odoo ERP implementation for Moh. Nour Optics, the largest optics company in Sudan. As they were migrating from SAP, it was a huge challenge and I had to find the perfect partner that could help with the implementation and Serpent CS came to the rescue. At first I was very reluctant doing offshore outsourcing bearing in mind many barriers of which distance and communication are just a few but everything was handled extremely well and we now have a happy customer. Looking forward to implementing more projects with Serpent CS!

Dr. Mustafa Hamad,

Andy Pratama

Andy Pratama

“Serpent Consulting Services Pvt Ltd provides the best tutorials out there on Udemy For Odoo Technical. The tutorials are easy to understand because they give you step-by-step guide.
When it comes to question, their response is very good.
First I was hesitated to ask but I could not believe they responded it quickly, and not only that, they also provided me the answer I needed to solve my problem. I also look at their many contributed modules.
I hope someday I can join one of their training session in classroom.
Thank to Jay Vora and SerpentCS.

Andry Pratama Mabe,


Testimonial from a Key User in Arabic

Dave Burkholder

Dave Burkholder – Odoo

“I very much enjoyed the OpenERP technical training. Anup was a very
knowledgeable, but patient trainer. Just about any question I threw at
him he could answer. It helped me get the customizations done that I
needed to and extend my own module. I’d take their training over again;
highly recommended!”

Dave Burkholder,

Th’InkWell Designs, USA

Jonathan Wilson

“WillowIT have known with SerpentCS and Jay Vora for many years. Their technical expertise in relation to Odoo has been outstanding and of the highest quality. Their contributions to the open source world have been very valuable and demonstrate the high quality work performed by SerpentCS. It is no wonder the company has grown so quickly as I am sure they places quality above all else. I am delighted to share that I have been using their MassEditing Module and it has proven to be a great help. All the best and their services are highly recommended!”

Jon Wilson,

Willow IT

Testimonial from the Purchase Manager of SEDC


“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation. Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.SerpentCS do not act rightly because they have virtue or excellence, but they rather have those because they have acted rightly.If we are what we repeatedly do, excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.You can see epitome of excellence in SerpentCS – a world of knowledge impartation and creation of measures that would have a positive significant impact on the status quo of an individual. What an investment. Thumbs up guys.

Bidemi Ishola

Software Developer, NigeriaNet


“We gained several skills in Serpent because they have a lot of experience in OpenERP areas. They have flexibility in Training. They are specialized and expert in all OpenERP parts.SerpenCS staff are helpful and they have continuous communication with trainees and provide full information that trainer need with expert training support.I am happy to choose Serpent CS for this training and be one of their known members.

Abdelaati Mohamed Abdelaati

Flow up Information Office Manager, SEDC

ODOO formerly OpenERP Training


“SerpentCS trainers have been very much flexible and practical for our big training sessions held at Dubai. We had our staff of 21 professionals and everyone got the best out of the training.The OpenERP Functional and technical training sessions held in Dubai were indeed knowledgeable and enjoyable at the same time. The trainers Jay Vora and Anup Chavda are highly qualified and competent to deliver the best possible outcome.”

Hisham Khalafalla

MD, AlmedTech FZE


“At Green Resource Engineering Ltd (GRE) we chose SerpentCS as our OpenERP consultant and we find that we are very happy with the services provided by them.Although we were already using OpenERP we were not getting the best out of it. We have used Serpent to solve specific problems as they occured and they have been up to the task every time.A patient, dedicated and technically compentant team, Serpent CS have understood our requirements and provided advice, modules and reports for us to use – all in good time!We are pleased that we chose Serpent as our OpenERP support provider and will continue to take advantage of their extensive OpenERP expertise.

Richard Booth

MD, Green Resource Engineering Ltd

Everything I Need – On Time, Everytime


“Dear SerpentCS Team,
I must compliment you on the excellent training you gave, the Instructors had excellent knowledge of OpenERP functionality and technicality as well . thank you for the great sessions that added new understanding about OpenERP capabilities, I have found this course to be beneficial and feel that what i have learned will enable me to enhance my performance in the future, when dealing OpenERP.Also I would like to send special thanks to the instructors , that they were very keen to answer each and every question, and for being able to handle time gap and working after regular hours.”

Victor Elbiady

Project Manager, Allianz Technology


“Dear SerpentCS,
I want to thank you for your great efforts and dedication towards the project which has given me and my client utmost satisfaction!Its not only your ethics, but also your knowledge, teamwork and solution-oriented thinking which has taken us by surprise especially when your team is too young. Thanks to Husen, Atul and Anil for being very humble personalities.It has been a great relief having someone of your caliber in touch. You’ve been professional and thorough on every incident; not to mention your patience with those of us that are not computer savvy.I am more than pleased to happily recommend SerpentCS to other businesses for your professional pleasant, attitude, vision and clear business approach. In my opinion, you have come up as the best OpenERP Service Provider so far.Wishing you and your team a Grand success. You have a long way to go!”

Farshid Ghyasi

Owner, NETLINKS, Afghanistan

Successfully Customization with ERP


“Thanks to Serpent Team!
The team which holds not only strong knowledge in subject, but keeps values in their inner heart. The training helped me a lot to get good understanding in the subject. The main thing which has to be mentioned is the support they provide whenever we required. I found a group of awesome people there.Learning ERP is a pressure, getting trained by SerpentCS will be a pleasure.”

Nisthulan VK

OpenERP Enthusiast, Sharjah


“Well, It’s my pleasure to express my feeling toward that amazing training.Honestly, It’s was so powerful in term of the course coverage and achievements as well as for the delivered information.Surly, we wont deny the way SerpentCS were so friendly and helpful for every single person on that room which really that whats make it easy for us.Finally, all the links and extra info you have provided were much useful. Wish all success in you further workshops, training and courses.”


Mohamed. Elmahadi

Software Developer, Quick Packer

Everything I Need – On Time, Everytime


“Wonderful staff, high qualified team who has robust knowledge and experience.Thank you SerpentCS I have gained much experience which help me too much.””

Ahmad Saheb

Engineer,Trusted Systems


“Excellent and useful session for all and I thank you very much for your time and your cooperation with us.Our thanks go to Sohil his performance in the Functional side.And also thanks go to Anup for his wonderful performance in the Technical side.And thanks to Jay to consolidate the information to us and his outstanding performance.And thanks to Hussein for his wonderful in dealing with others.Many thanks to all”

Bilal Mohammad

Software Developer

Everything I Need – On Time, Everytime


“SERPENT Consulting Services Techno Functional Training on OpenERP helped me in understanding the OpenERP framework. Their trainers are very knowledgeable, helpful, and expertise on this field.The training let me well understand the OpenERP framework (functionally and technically) .I would like to thank Serpent Consulting Services managers, trainers , and staff for their help and support. Thanks a lot for your time that spend with us to know the OpenERP.”

Amin M Salih Eltayb – SEDC

Head of S/w Dev. & Security Unit


“The fact that the period of training is very useful for me was to take advantage of them.Thank you for the effort you have made with us and thank you for all.”

Abdullah Mohammed

Software Developer


“The trainers at Serpent Consulting understand that training is an art of communicating the technical aspects of OpenERP in a manner easily digestible by the common mind. They provided a highly enjoyable, focused and flexible training to my team of three developers, the kind of training not available anywhere else.Besides learning a lot, they enjoyed every session and are now equipped to handle sophisticated customizations on their own. This has enabled our company to deliver projects in half the time promised.The guys know their stuff! They understand what they promise to deliver. This goes very well as proof that “you cannot give what you don’t have””

Felix Nyilu

Software Developer


“Working with Serpentcs has been very satisfying in a day and age where it is hard to find good quality web development partners.I have been working with them for over 6 months on the transformation of my website along with the creation of a mobile compatible website and there staff has showed nothing butcompetency, professionalism and friendliness on my web projects.I have expressed my thoughts and ideas and within a shortperiod of time my site was complete as per my expectations. NowI can concentrate on running my business, not a website.”

Mike DeLassio

Owner Novo-Marketing

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  1. Thank you very, very much to Serpent Consulting Services for your cooperation and the decent and great people I dealed with today,
    and for giving me a helping hand when I need it.


  2. Thanks for responding so quick to my question regarding your module ” mass Edit”. Only 3 weeks after the launch if Odoo 10 you already had the module available for this version….and it worked brilliant! Great work and many thanks!

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