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Quality Assurance / Software testing

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Quality Assurance Service by SerpentCS
Today, the demand for quality assurance in software sector has grown imperatively. Additionally, the ever-changing landscape of technology and dynamic market trends, especially with the emergence of several disruptive technologies like social media, mobility and cloud have made a significant impact which has necessitated a profound change in approach, delivery and methodology of testing services. Serpent Consulting Services has become a leading name in quality assurance and software testing services. Our services are backed by our strong legacy of quality assurance and testing expertise and are endorsed for our broad array of testing services spectrum, wider delivery capabilities and quality of resources. These services are delivered by one of our associate firms, Serpent WebSolutions Pvt Ltd.

“Being headquartered in two of the fastest emerging IT hubs of Asia – Gandhinagar, Serpent WebSolutions Pvt Ltd has deployed most up to the minute technology and state of the art infrastructure to deliver the finest services matching the requisites of clients”



Serpent WebSolutions Pvt Ltd excels in providing superior quality and highly cost efficient software testing services and unique solutions in the areas subsuming dedicated product testing, outsourcing test resources and test consulting. We follow our following “QValues” that drive us with the passion and commitment to serve our beloved and respected clients with top-notch services:

  • Flexibility and Reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Confidentiality
  • Business Value Addition
  • Cost Effectiveness

Our Services

We offer a wide array of world-class services that subsume – Consulting, Manual Ttesting and Automated Testing Services.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services aid our clients with innovative test processes and we help them set up customized test processes for their organizations as per their specific requisites. We assess the existing quality engineering standards and processes in our clients’ organizations and help them upgrade their employees with advanced technical knowledge. We aid them with our suggestions pertaining to improvement in their existing test procedures and we re-engineer their test processes to make them effective and efficient.

Manual Testing

We provide our clients with a broad spectrum of manual testing services for all phases of software development. We call it “product innovation Life Cycle” as we integrate our testing services at every imperative step to develop flawless products with great innovation.

Automation Testing

Our team of professionals possesses explicit technical knowledge and unmatched expertise pertaining to a wide range of tools and techniques. We also use tools like SOAP UI, JMeter, and Selenium etc. to innovate automation testing processes to deliver exceptionally effective testing solutions to our clients.

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