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Boltt Global Solutions Limited

A company which specialises in petroleum transportation, freight forwarding and contract logistics in Zambia. 

 Country: Zambia

About Client

Boltt Global Solution Limited is a leading fuel day trading and bulk trading company. They with the help of logistic partners manage the loading and unloading of fuel. There are 2 types of fuel they basically deal with one is petrol and diesel. They have multiple branches all across the Zambia region and do the internal company transactions of fuel and other lubricant products.

Business Vertical:   Distribution, Importation & Exportation of Petroleum Products

Odoo Version: v16 EE

Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting & Inventory

Technologies Used: Odoo, Python

Business challenges

Before implementing Odoo ERP, Boltt Global Solutions had faced several operational challenges:

  • Fragmented systems:

The organisation used multiple modules for unique functions including Purchase, Sales, Inventory , and accounting , Loan management, multi-currency and multi company . This fragmentation has created statistical silos .

  • Manual processes:

Many tactics, especially in accounting the payments were made in advance and will adjust the credit in the bills accordingly.
Lack of real-time data: Without an integrated facility, management was unable to see multi company transactions and stock in real time and was therefore unable to make well-informed decisions.

  • Lack of real-time data:

Without an integrated facility, management was unable to see multi company transactions and stock in real time and was therefore unable to make well-informed decisions.

  • Compliance:

Due to a lack of centralised documentation and reporting tools, ensuring compliance with national and international requirements has proven challenging.

  • Bulk Fuel Trading and Retail Trading:

Managing the complexities of wholesale and retail gas buying and selling required specific inventory, price and revenue tracking, which was difficult with prevailing systems.

  • Loan Management:

Tracking and managing loans taken out for fleet expansion and various capital expenditure has become cumbersome, without a consolidated overview of credit plans, hobby accounts and super balances.


The number of goals for implementing Odoo ERP were:

  • Integration:

Integrate all commercial business tactics into a single cohesive odoo system.

  • Automation:

To automate routine tasks, reducing manual intervention and errors.

  • Real-time reporting:

Access a higher selection to enable real-time information.

  • Scalability:

Promote a scalable facility that can evolve as the company's operations grow.

  • Specialised Trading Management:

Streamline bulk fuel trading and retail trading operations.


Odoo ERP was selected by Boltt Global Solutions due to its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and modular architecture. Phased implementation was carried out to guarantee that all the features developed and impact was tested on the system.

  • Phase 1: Assessment and Planning

They conducted a thorough wish assessment to understand the unique requirements of Boltt Global Solutions. Developed a detailed implementation plan complete with timelines, milestones and useful resource allocation.

  • Phase 2: Implementation of the basic module

First, we implemented prior modules that include Sales, Purchase, Accounting, and Inventory Management.

  • Phase 3: Integration of additional modules

Integrated add-on modules that include human resources (HR), project management and document management. Developed custom reviews for regulatory compliance and economic evaluation.

  • Phase 4: Specialised Trading Management

Implemented unique features for bulk fuel trading and retail buying and selling that include real-time inventory tracking, dynamic pricing and revenue analysis. Take the advantage of dashboards feature to track buying and selling operations and overall performance metrics.

  • Phase 5: Credit/Accounting Management

An integrated credit management functionality for different partners. Credit limit setup partner wise . If any outstanding credit then it can directly be adjusted in the invoice.

  • Phase 6: Training and Change Management

Organised extensive training sessions for staff to ensure a smooth adoption of the brand new software. We have kept the polls open for the users to reach out if have any queries during the training time period  


The implementation of Odoo ERP brought extensive upgrades to Boltt Global Solutions:

  • Operational efficiency: Integrating business strategies has resulted in operational efficiencies and reduced redundancies.
  • Reduce errors: Automating tasks that include invoicing and inventory management has minimised human error.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Real-time facts get the right of entry and enable better tracking of overall fleet performance, financials and customer interactions.
  • Enhanced business operations: Specialised functionality for bulk gasoline buying and selling and retail buying and selling optimised inventory management, pricing and sales tracking.
  • Efficient loan management: The accounting module provided a consolidated view of all loans, ensuring well-timed repayments and higher cash plans.
  • Scalability: The scalable nature of Odoo ERP has enabled Boltt Global Solutions to expand their operations without having to go through device limitations.


  Successful implementation of Odoo ERP at Boltt Global Solutions changed the operation of the business enterprise, enabling it to gain greater efficiency, better decision-making and sustained growth. This case demonstrates the ability of Odoo ERP to solve the unique challenging situations of a logistics enterprise and make the enterprise succeed.