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Property Management Software

Discover a Tailored Real Estate ERP Software Solution for Streamlining and Centralizing Your Property Management!

property management system

Property Management System is a specially curated Software Solution to Organise and Centralise Your Properties easily. It helps you to not only manage but also maintain track of valuation maintenance, insurance, rent and utilities of the property.

The in-built content management system also helps you display available properties on the website with images and details. The intelligent system will make it convenient for you to get access to analytical reports and facilitate strategic decisions.

Features of Property Management ERP System

Property Configuration

The system allows you to add new properties with details including Area, Rent, Occupancy, utilities, and nearby Amenities with images and details of sub-properties. Also has a “get location” feature which automatically selects the longitude and latitude of the specific property.

Tenancy Management

The system automatically picks up records and analyzes the tenant’s credit, criminal record, and rental history to make suggestions to ensure a trouble-free procedure. It also takes care of the renewal or creation of an online tenancy, generating receipts, and tenant management. The Rent Scheduling feature Provides information on payment received from Tenancy and generates invoices.

CRM Functionality

The system also makes it easier to find applications as it assists in generating applications directly in the portal and helps property managers match the requirements of applicants. The system promotes transparency and communication between tenants and property owners.

Property Search

The system also helps you in the tedious task of finding a property, it suggests properties on demand based on types such as flats, bungalows, or offices. The Suggested Property option on the web portal helps you look for a similar property if the current one is booked.

Maintenance Management

The Property Maintenance Application in the system helps you to create and schedule maintenance activity online and assign it to a specific team with a person in charge, It also helps to create an invoice for property maintenance costs.



The system offers different kinds of reports to ease the process of analysis and decision making like property information, tenancy contract expiry details, income, and expenditure.

Why SerpentCS

With our Extensive Experience as an Odoo Official Partner, we have successfully implemented Odoo solutions for numerous clients across various industries. Our deep understanding of Odoo's capabilities and best practices ensures that you receive a reliable and effective solution.

Our Dedicated Team will work closely with you to deliver a Tailored Solution that aligns perfectly with your Business Goals.

Our Professional Team will design Intuitive Screens, simplify navigation, and automate repetitive tasks to streamline your processes, which will optimise your Interface and Improve User Experience.

SerpentCS provides comprehensive support as a Trusted Odoo Partner, our team will be available to address any Technical Issues, provide Training to your staff, and assist with Future Enhancements or System Upgrades.

SerpentCS will provide its Supervision allowing Seamless Data Flow and ensuring Smooth Integration and Migration.


Property Management Solution is software that helps to manage overall functional activities including property management, agencies, managers, and clients.

Property Management Systems can be used by Real Estate Brokers, Property Managers, or Real Estate Firms who deal with Rental Business.

PMS offers multiple features like adding a new property with basic details like rent, sell price, utilities, and search options for customers. Add multiple properties as per requirements.

Firms can add all property details on a single stage and it helps for keeping track of rented properties, vacant properties, and managing accounts.

Yes, It provides multiple properties and users can also add sub-properties in a single property.

Yes, a property can be assigned to a property manager to manage its all workings.

  • User-friendly
  • One-stop solution with the listing, Rental, CRM, and Accounting features.
  • Property Management can be done very easily with a single solution.

Yes, it helps to manage the maintenance Teams, Subcontractors, and Schedule Maintenance activities.

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Property Management and Configuration

In this video, we have shown an introduction to our models of property management and how all the configuration is done in the module so that all properties can be added without any problem.

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