Fleet Management System

Odoo Fleet Management sets businesses apart from the rest by offering distinct advantages such as centralized management, superior modular architecture, and seamless operations.

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Manage your vehicles, rentals, costs, insurances, work orders, services, assignments, invoices and history of vehicles

Key Features of Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Dashboard

Monitor all costs at once

Identify and trace the money spent by your company for each of the fleet vehicles. Recurring costs of your contracts such as leasing and services contracts are automatically added to your accounting at the beginning of each period of the frequency specified in the contracts, while all other costs like fuel and repairs are automatically added to your report.

Analysis and Reporting

Show all costs associated with a given vehicle or with a type of service. Compare different types of costs (which vehicles cost the most; which services have been performed on which vehicles; etc) by using the reporting tool. Get really helpful insights about the effective return of each vehicle to improve your fleet investments.

What Makes Odoo Fleet Management System the Ideal Choice?

Keep track of all insurance information.

The sales and purchase module efficiently handles all company transactions.

Record comprehensive driver details including names and driving licenses.

Provide essential documents digitally, reducing the need for extensive paper storage.

The warehouse department easily monitors stocks, ensures full traceability, and manages accounting tasks seamlessly.

The accounting module fulfils all financial and billing requirements of the company.

This system includes configurable master data, such as vehicles, service templates, and service tasks.


Businesses with multiple vehicles, such as delivery services, logistics companies, and transportation firms, benefit from fleet management systems. It helps streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Fleet management systems offer real-time tracking, maintenance scheduling, and fuel monitoring, reducing operational costs and improving vehicle safety. They enhance decision-making, optimize routes, and provide valuable insights, ultimately increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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