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Customer Relationship Management

Revolutionize Customer Relations with Odoo CRM Software

Odoo CRM detailed info

Customer Relationship Management is a vital part of any business nowadays because where technology for managing all your company's relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships to grow your business.

The CRM tools in your organization will do that by helping your executives to be more attentive in Business Opportunity Generation and sourcing leads from various areas of business. Moreover in the industry, CRM tools have become an integral part as most of the business opportunities are sourced from it. Odoo CRM, a dedicated management module, offers you the intuitive management of the customer relationships operations of your company.

Connecting Customers

Connecting Customers

  • Support a local hotline in multiple countries and make or receive calls from pretty much anywhere in the world.
  • Ensure quick consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies.
  • Talk with a customer on Facebook from the help desk.
  • Define your own business hours so that customers know when to expect support.
Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

  • Prioritize tasks and prospects, know what’s important to sell faster and grow the business.
  • Focused on the things they can control — the actions and habits that drive consistent sales.
  • Intelligently scans customers according to their stages in the sales cycle & categorises them based on the leads.
Engage Customers

Engage Customers

  • Engage and communicate with the customer via Email, Phone, Chat and Social from within your CRM account.
  • The customer can also choose to let their agents and customers login with their Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.
  • Take notes while on the call or create follow-up calls or tasks after the call ends.
Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management

  • Estimate the revenue you can generate in each fiscal year/forthcoming quarters.
  • Identify the sales personnel who met their targets for the fiscal quarter & year.
  • Create fully customizable forecast reports and dashboards.
  • Lead to more cost-effective marketing, and avoids the expenses of mass marketing.
Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking

  • Track competition for each business opportunity and assess your strengths & weaknesses.
  • Set up sales stage and probability of winning deals using drag and drop customization wizard.
  • Work together, share insights, and accelerate the sales of the business.
Mobile App

Mobile App

  • Automatically provides smart suggestions with possible solutions.
  • Get the right context for issues with mobile applications.
  • Effortlessly digitalize and save business cards on your iPhone or Android smartphones.

Why SerpentCS

With our Extensive Experience as an Odoo Official Partner, we have successfully implemented Odoo solutions for numerous clients across various industries. Our deep understanding of Odoo's capabilities and best practices ensures that you receive a reliable and effective solution.

Our Dedicated Team will work closely with you to deliver a Tailored Solution that aligns perfectly with your Business Goals.

Our Professional Team will design Intuitive Screens, simplify navigation, and automate repetitive tasks to streamline your processes, which will optimise your Interface and Improve User Experience.

SerpentCS provides comprehensive support as a Trusted Odoo Partner, our team will be available to address any Technical Issues, provide Training to your staff, and assist with Future Enhancements or System Upgrades.

SerpentCS will provide its Supervision allowing Seamless Data Flow and ensuring Smooth Integration and Migration.

Why CRM?

  • CRM is the transformation of people, processes, and technology required to become a customer-centric organization.

  • CRM is a business philosophy that touches upon many independent parts of the organization.

  • CRM addresses the sales, marketing and service activities of the organization.

Guide to CRM Software for Your Business

  • Managing inquiries and analysis.
  • Scheduling and tracking phone calls, and meetings.
  • Managing Quotations, history, and whole communications.
  • Analysing the channel of inquiries and marketing campaigns.
  • Helpdesk, Support.

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