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Human Resource Management System

A Comprehensive Solution for all HR Needs

The perfect combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology

Key Features of HRMS

Employee Profile Management

Keep your employee's profile well organized without having to go through personnel files to search their details, keep track of employee travel leave, skill and performance details from one view only.

Performance & Appraisal Management

Assess employee performance in real-time based on their project deadlines and time management and skills.

Timesheet Management

Track real-time assigned work logs, deadlines and deliverables. Increased work productivity by analyzing the project and assigning specific tasks.

Notification & Internal Chat Management

Provide facility to keep better communication and discussion among all employees. Assigned tasks or any documentation notification can be managed through mobile or browser notifications.

Attendance Management

Record real-time attendance through biometrics, RFID cards, and manual check-in and check-out entries through browser or mobile phones. Provide Timesheet for payroll and leave information.

Leave Management

Maintain, Manage and Automate the assigned various types of leaves including applied and used screens. Create and Configure multiple types of leaves based on the company policy and assign them to the employees. Manage leave reports of applied, and rejected leaves.

Loan & Advances Management

Manage Loans and Advances and set deduction payments through monthly payslips.

Travel & Expense Management

Manage Travel request details and expense bills efficiently in the system, and upload travel expense bills. Generate comprehensive expense reports.

HRMS Mobile Application

A user-friendly mobile application allows users to keep track of leaves, expenses and other functionalities.

Employee Asset Management

Keep track of assigned assets to the employees from their profiles.

Dynamic Employee Dashboard

In a single view, all information can be managed through minimum clicks.

Human Resource Management Software offers an all-inclusive solution for companies who want employee management and process of Information technology. HR management system put forward to keep a track record of Employee’s Profile. 

It also provides a chatter option to communicate among all team members. Keep a real-time track of assigned tasks and deadlines. In addition, record attendance through Biometrics.

HR Management Software enables the monitoring of assigned business assets. HRMS mobile application enables the user to keep track of his activities including Leave, Expenses, and Tasks, etc.

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