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Looking for more add-ons and apps to make your business operation Effortless? SerpentCS provides Odoo Apps in the store your one-stop solution for all your business requirements. like CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc. In the Odoo app store, we have developed over 321+ Odoo apps and plugins for the Odoo community and enterprise. Custom Odoo App Development.

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Accounting Apps

Accounting apps have multiple features including multi-currency re-evaluation and importing customer or vendor invoices based on pdf or images. Generate account voucher reports which cover payment receipts and print multiple payment receipts at once for customers.

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Project Management Apps

Project Management apps allow you to set teams and members based on specific projects. Help you to create tasks inside the project, and assign tasks to any team members. You can schedule activities within the task. In addition to that, we can generate reports based on tasks, timesheets, and project user efficiency.

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Sales Apps

Sales apps assist you to create quotations and sales orders. It offers to configure products allowing you to use different variants. Invoices can be created for sales orders with options to allow hiding discounts and price details, Additionally, users can review products based on reports like sales and invoicing reports.

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Manufacturing Apps

Manufacturing apps allow you to calculate the cost of a product based on the cost of all products from the Bill of materials. Additionally, It computes the product MRP cost. You can also set up an operating unit for manufacturing orders. 

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Human Resource Apps

HR apps offer multiple apps for human resource management which include an interview management system, calculating the average age of employees in the company, manage employee experience in detail and documents. Lastly, HR holidays configuration. 

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E-commerce Apps

Website E-commerce price filter enables you to choose the price range of the products and display the products equal to the price range band. You can filter products according to price, and category option. 

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Warehouse Apps

Warehouse apps allow you to configure the rules and routes of specific warehouses. It offers to configure different packages for products. One of the significant features is easy-to-manage stock valuation and inventory management. Generate reports that include ABC analysis, Non-moving products, and product moves. The application generates low-stock product alerts to make sure the product availability at all times.

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POS Apps

POS apps help you to manage your all products in a categorized way. It also simplifies your payment and billing process. It allows you to generate delivery orders with parcel dialogue. POS apps render the analyzed orders based on product and customer.

POS stock app helps out to check the stock on hand quantity.

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Localization Apps

The localization application provides packages of different modules based on the client’s country-specific requirements. We offer configurations on different base Odoo modules based on clients' location requirements. Charts of accounts, payroll and leaves(time off) are basic functionalities covered under this product and can be extended to other bases modules also. 

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Marketing Apps

Marketing Apps allow you to set up events for multiple days. It also offers to add attendees which can be employees or contacts as well as it generates time duration for events. Moreover, Marketing apps help you to gather feedback from attendees of the events or sessions. It also provided the number of registration for specific events or sessions. 

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Purchase Apps

Purchase apps enable you to manage quotations from vendors and create purchase orders from quotations. Users can also work with different operating units of products. These applications allow users to manage price lists based on products and keep track of stock movements. In addition, to that, we can also generate requests or call for tenders.

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Odoo Website Design Apps

Website apps provide a variety of features to design web pages and customize the pages as per business needs. It allows you to add existing designed pages as well as a wide range of templates from an online library. You can integrate your website with different Odoo modules like recruitment, Sales, and CRM. We offer a number of snippets that allow us to improve the look and feel of your website.

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Website Snippets Odoo Apps to Boost Your Website Functionalities.

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