Odoo + RingCentral

odoo ringcentral voip integration
  • Odoo + RingCentral Integration is a complete suite of functionalities that can help those organizations which are offering Business Process Services.
  • It is capable of handling two-way communication both in the form of calls & messages.
  • This is an all-in-one solution that offers a single screen operation to manage your Contacts, Calls, Messages & communication history with your Odoo CRM.

Key Features of Odoo RingCentral Module

 An integrated VoIP CRM.

 Offers Call Flipping, Forwarding, and Recording.

 VoIP integration to work as a complete suite of call center software.

 Easy to navigate through contacts, calls, and messaging tools.

 All-in-one solution Call Centers and works as BPO Software.
 Shows separate managers' communication history in all your contacts too.

 Offers two-way communication. You Can send and receive calls and messages.

 One-time technical set-up and configuration to start working.

 Records call / message timings and other things to manage logs and history.

 Offers functionality to call directly from CRM Lead.

How does Ring Central + Odoo Integration Work ?

RingCentral is one of the leading cloud telephony providers & has various solutions available based on your business size & requirements.

We have a direct integration with Ring Central and can offer Calling/Messaging controls directly to the screens of your CRM.

This integrated solution works as a complete VoIP service.

Who can use it?

There might be plenty of BPO automation software. Still, this solution is best for call centres where there would be hundreds of people working together & constantly connecting with their customers via calls & messages.

With such a solution in place, we don’t need separate solutions/devices for calling, messaging, contacts & to manage communication history.

In other words, this is an integrated CRM with direct calling functionality. It works as a complete call center system, hence will save a lot of time & effort which helps us to focus more on our core deliverables.

This Ring Central CRM Integration will be the best fit as in a call centre software / BPO Software. It provides complete BPO automation.

Call Centers

Sales & Support Executives

Marketing Agencies

Banking Professionals & Service Companies

Call Center Software

CRM is quite different in BPO companies. They need to have more accurate, stable & VoIP-enabled software to offer all features in one single screen.

RingCentral API Integration with Odoo has this capacity & helps to become a bridge between CRM & calling activities.

VoIP integration might be possible in many other base solutions but RingCentral + Odoo CRM Integration is far more smooth & user-friendly than those.


RingCentral is one of the best US-based cloud telephony providers. It offers various telephony solutions to work as a stand-alone solution & also to get it integrated with other software. We have integrated Odoo with RingCentral to offer a complete suite of calling & messaging systems while managing contacts & communication history.

The best thing about having this integrated solution is we don’t have to use multiple hardware devices and apps to manage tasks like Calling, Messaging, Contact Management, Communication History and reporting. We are getting every functionality in one single screen which obviously saves us a lot of time & effort.

You can set up our custom module from V11 to the latest V17 on both Enterprise & Community editions.

Yes. It's not just about being able to connect with your customers but it offers Two-Way Communication. Your customers can also get in touch with you via Call or Text Message. Not only that but we can manage a complete history of communication with all incoming/outgoing conversations. This call/messaging log can be viewed inside a customer & also in RingCentral Logs for all customers in general.

No. This solution helps us establish connections via Phone Calls and Text Messages. Though the solution is flexible enough to customize & it is allowing us to develop extra features on top of what it has now.

This solution is perfectly integrated with Odoo. Hence contacts created in Odoo will directly be available to connect with via RingCentral Calling & Messaging Controls. Communication history can also be viewed individually inside each of the customers/contacts & a general list of contacts can also be viewed who have been in conversation with us so far. So it easily manages contacts.

Yes. Apart from just offering us the Calling / Messaging features, it has something extra for us too. When over a call, RingCentral pops-up with a smart control pad with all the functionalities to Call, Hold, Transfer/Forward, Call Flipping, Call Recording & many others. It helps us to manage the complete flow of business by having to perform two-way calling on a daily basis.

Yes. We have a complete suite ready but we always have options to get it customized as per customer’s requirements. Odoo is flexible enough to have it & use it in the way we want.

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