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Visa Management System

visa management erp system

Visa management Software offers complete functionality for customer experience, including the digital experience, saving customers time and effort of the Immigration Team. Our Visa Immigration Client Management system provides easy management of customer information for immigration lawyers and users with login credentials.

It facilitates smooth communication to build strong client relationships and offers sales team coaching to enhance sales performance. The system allows for convenient document downloads from any location and efficient management of attendance, sales, and lead analysis reports.

Who Needs Visa Management Software

Visa Management System offers Convenience CRM to the Immigration Team

Immigration Lawyer
Visa Consultants
Marketing Team
HR Team

Business Perks

The Immigration Service Provider can Benefit Largely

  • Immigration lawyers and Users with the Login ID
  • Easy Management of Customer Information
  • Build Relationships with Clients through Smooth Communication
  • Boost Sales Team coaching to target more Sales
  • Documents that are stored in the system can be downloaded from anywhere
  • Manage Attendance, Sales and Lead Analysis Reports Efficiently

Features and Benefits of Visa Management ERP System

New Inquiry Management Software

  • Present the new inquiries generated through direct sales (walk-in) or from your Website.
  • Helps to add information about the clients which includes Personal Details, Education and experience Description, and Country selection.

Customer Relationship Management Software​

  • Provide in-depth details of customers that include Meetings, Proposals, Historical Communication notes and sales to invoice information on a single platform.

Maintain Communication notes & logs for particular Customer​

  • Allow Users (Consultant, Counsellor) to record a note for the individual customer.
  • Set up a reminder for each customer for the next level meeting.
  • Can be added multiple University Applications for the student visa.


  • Email and Message marketing helps you to update your customers with new rules and regulations of immigration. Moreover, you can offer promotional deals/coupons to customers.
  • Easy Email Template creation and selection option help you to send a message to different groups of customers.
  • Promotion Emails and Message helps you generate more leads and business.


  • Allow counsellors to generate invoices and receipts for customers online and secure payments.
  • Accounting Management enables you to find the invoice with the status of payment (Paid or Unpaid).

Visa Management System For Team

Time-sheet Management
  • Get daily and weekly teams work log information
  • Allows you to keep a record of the attendance of each employee. In addition to this, an Attendance report can be generated for each month with attendance analysis.
  • Leave, Expenses, and Payroll management with attendance report.

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Visa Management System oversees the end-to-end process of visa applications, from submission to approval or rejection all on integrated single platform.

CRM module of visa management software aids visa agents / Immigration lawyers by organizing applicant data, facilitating communication, and automating workflows.


Visa application stages can be tracked through our custom SerVisa dashboard. Applicants receive updates on their application status, including submission, processing, and decision stages.


Yes, It offers employee management.

Attendance management keeps a record of each team member with work information, private information as well and the department.

Inquiry management software that helps to add information about the clients which includes personal details, Education and experience Description, and Country Selection.

Maintained communication notes & logs for particular Customer Email and Message marketing users to generate invoices and receipts for customers.

Account Management enables you to find the invoices with the status of payment(paid or unpaid).

SerVisa Management Application Demo Video

SerVisa - Advanced Visa Management for all types of visa solutions. 

- Generate Leads & Applications - Let it be coaching application or immigration.

- Multi-language Support - Supports Multiple Languages to cater to diverse applicant needs.

- Invoice generation - Enables automated generation of invoices for visa application fees, with customization options.

- Reporting and analytics - Provide insights for agents & commnission reports.

Why SerpentCS

With our Extensive Experience as an Odoo Official Partner, we have successfully implemented Odoo solutions for numerous clients across various industries. Our deep understanding of Odoo's capabilities and best practices ensures that you receive a reliable and effective solution.

Our Dedicated Team will work closely with you to deliver a Tailored Solution that aligns perfectly with your Business Goals.

Our Professional Team will design Intuitive Screens, simplify navigation, and automate repetitive tasks to streamline your processes, which will optimise your Interface and Improve User Experience.

SerpentCS provides comprehensive support as a Trusted Odoo Partner, our team will be available to address any Technical Issues, provide Training to your staff, and assist with Future Enhancements or System Upgrades.

SerpentCS will provide its Supervision allowing Seamless Data Flow and ensuring Smooth Integration and Migration.

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