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Our Business Model

A Glance at Transparent Working Culture with Seamless Business Models at SerpentCS!

Fixed Price Model

  • Most preferred business engagement model.

  • Easy to deal with the exact plan and requirements of the project.

  • Well-defined requirements, specifications and features must be provided.

  • Project estimation and other additional requests are acknowledged before the execution of the project.

  • Business analyst plays an important role in forecasting prior effort estimation and fixed price & time frame of project development.

  • Almost negligible risk in the execution of the project.

  • Offers two-way open communication.

Time & Material Model

  • Focus on development progress and cost.

  • Flexible negotiable budget option where the requirement is not clear.

  • Preferred in the evolving phase and can be charged hourly, weekly, daily or monthly rates for specific tasks, resources, work, materials or other expenses.

  • Can pay in parts and only for performed work.

  • Low risk for both parties.

  • The client has full control over the project. They can approve or add any task that is further implemented on demand.

  • No strictly defined time limits for the completion of the project.

Hire Dedicated Team Model

  • Budget effective model that saves up to 16% – 60% of development cost associated with the project.

  • Select an appropriate team of developers for better flexibility, quality and cost-effectiveness.

  • Guaranteed delivery of quality output based on an hourly/weekly/monthly basis.

  • The client gets benefits from flexible hiring schemes leading to quality and cost-effective services.

  • The team can be changed according to the requirements.

  • Daily reporting and communication can be done.

  • No hidden cost which means you will get exactly what you demand.

Shared Funding Model

  • Well-defined strategy, structure and actual pricing levels with the most flexible models.

  • The requirement is targeted to the mass audience where the client gets maximum benefit.

  • Saves 80% of cost compared to fixed-price projects.

  • Offers source code authorization option to resale and recover project costs from different clients.

  • The pricing structure majorly articulates the actual pricing elements, its scope and units of measure.