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Gym Management System

The Complete Gym Management Solution, also compatible with Mobile Apps.

 Nowadays, the Gym is not just a place for exercise. Gyms are offering so many related services and Gym Owners have to manage a huge number of members, trainers, coaches, and their respective activities. 

Hence, to manage all of their processes, they need robust Gym Management Software and, in case they want to be more relevant in the business, Gym Management Mobile App too.
Here, Gym Management System is the one-stop solution for all Gym and fitness centres!

Property Configuration

Trainer And Members Management

Odoo can serve as a comprehensive platform for creating, managing, and optimizing tour packages, making the business more efficient and customer-centric.

Tenancy Management

Membership Plans and Invoicing Management

Odoo provides features and modules that can help businesses create and manage contracts efficiently. The system comes with a Contracts Module Along with Contract Templates such as client contracts, vendor contracts, employee contracts, and more. These templates serve as a foundation for generating individual contracts quickly and accurately.

CRM Functionality

Manage Hotel Registration & Rooms

By leveraging these features and modules like online booking integration, front desk operations, invoicing and billing and many more. Odoo can serve as a comprehensive solution for managing hotel registration, room availability, reservations, guest communication, billing, and other hotel-related operations. It helps streamline processes, enhance guest experience, and improve overall efficiency in hotel management.

Property Search

Leads can be converted directly into members

Businesses can create a database of transportation orders and tour guides, track their availability, assign them to specific tours, and manage their schedules. This allows for effective coordination and ensures that the organisation has qualified guides available for each tour.

Maintenance Management

Attendance and Booking Management 

Odoo can help organisations efficiently manage testimonials. They can collect, organize, moderate, and publish testimonials on the company’s website, enhancing the brand reputation and attracting new customers.


Management of Fitness and Workout Plans 

Businesses can generate professional reports and invoices efficiently. This streamlines reporting and invoicing processes improves accuracy, and enhances the overall financial management of businesses.

Diet Plans Creation and Management

Businesses can generate professional reports and invoices efficiently. This streamlines reporting and invoicing processes improves accuracy, and enhances the overall financial management of businesses.

Offers Detailed Measurement History to Manage​

Businesses can generate professional reports and invoices efficiently. This streamlines reporting and invoicing processes improves accuracy, and enhances the overall financial management of businesses.

Create Trainer 

  • Same as members, we have an easy process to create a trainer & configure his/her availability as an employee.
  • Entering all the segments with appropriate details will make the whole solution work accordingly. Especially when it comes to trainer booking and associated things.

Create Members 

  • This is how we are creating a new member in our Gym Software.
  • Fields in blue are mandatory fields.
  • But again it doesn’t ask us for much information & hence makes it easy for the user to quickly create members & getting started with further things.

Food Items and Diet Meals 

  • Since we offer fitness services, Following a proper diet schedule is a part of the process.
  • Our Gym Software has a separate segment which takes care of assigning diet routines by configuring diet meals with food items.

Measurement History 

  • There are two ways to check through the measurement history of the member.
  • Either we can go inside any specific member where-in we can go to a specific tab to check his/her history or/else we can directly access a segment which shows the list of members with their number of measurements.

Body Measurements 

  • These are the values that will be taken into consideration when a person joins your gym with a specific aim, let's say either for weight loss or gain or other.
  • This screen shows how we create a new measurements & get them in active use for our members.

Why SerpentCS

With our Extensive Experience as an Odoo Official Partner, we have successfully implemented Odoo solutions for numerous clients across various industries. Our deep understanding of Odoo's capabilities and best practices ensures that you receive a reliable and effective solution.

Our Dedicated Team will work closely with you to deliver a Tailored Solution that aligns perfectly with your Business Goals.

Our Professional Team will design Intuitive Screens, simplify navigation, and automate repetitive tasks to streamline your processes, which will optimise your Interface and Improve User Experience.

SerpentCS provides comprehensive support as a Trusted Odoo Partner, our team will be available to address any Technical Issues, provide Training to your staff, and assist with Future Enhancements or System Upgrades.

SerpentCS will provide its Supervision allowing Seamless Data Flow and ensuring Smooth Integration and Migration.

 Our Custom Odoo Apps to optimize your Fitness business operations



What is the cost of this Gym Software?

This gym solution takes care of a complete process of a gym or a fitness centre. So we have some enhanced features on top of what an ordinary gym management system would have. You can know more about its pricing & other things at the mentioned link. 

To know more or to discuss your requirements, You can simply fill in this form below to get in touch with our experienced consultant to discuss your project.

Yes. We have Mobile App available for this both for Android & iOS. Admin users & trainers will be able to edit things for the assigned members. It will help members to view their details on the mobile device where they have this App installed.

Yes. It works on Odoo V12-V17 CE and that is completely flexible to customise. What we may have for now is the raw solution. We can customize the solution to match your requirements. By such customization, we can enhance this solution & make it work like how you want it.

Yes. We have a separate module to take care of Trainer’s Booking. Which means one can book a trainer for a specific session. One can select the type of session & time for which they either want to have a session or if they want to join in for a scheduled session. Trainer booking works based on the trainer’s availability & expertise.

Yes. It is not readily available but if you want this solution to be integrated with any of the attendance-taking devices we can check through the technical aspects & come up with the final confirmation.

Creating membership plans & managing them with different schemes is more than easy here with this gym software. We have a separate segment where we can create new memberships & membership plans with pricing & other things. Accordingly, we will be able to manage their renewals & other respective things.

Gym Management System Explained​

Manage your Gym operation using Odoo ERP
Configure trainer, signup customer membership and workout history with custom membership plan and diet plan, etc inside Odoo.

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