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Project Scrum Management Agile

Agile Development or designing refers to the idea of iterative development, in which client requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between different teams. And for Scrum, we can say that Scrum is a part of Agile. It is the most widely used framework for Agile development.

It is the most widely used solution for Software Development or the IT industry but we can say that it can be used in any industry which is working with creating something through planning.

Features of Project Scrum Management Agile 

Projects and Tasks can be presented with a Kanban view

Sprint and Sprint Release Management

Scrum Meeting Management with users

Product backlog and Sandbox with user stories

Report on Project and Task with a display of charts

The Website with Projects, tasks, and other detailed views


What is the difference between Project Scrum Agile methodology and the Project Scrum Agile Portal?

In our Project Scrum Management Agile Methodology, users will be able to perform all the tasks based on requirements from the Odoo backend only.

In the Project Scrum Agile Portal module, users will be able to use all features of Project Scrum management agile methodology and with that, you will be provided a front end with all details of project, task, backlog, scrum meeting, and sprints.

If you are an IT company and want to keep track of all details of projects with teams, tasks, sprints, backlog, scrum meetings then you can directly do that using this module with timesheets and details.

You will be able to find a detailed user guide here.

The cost is one time. However, if you want to get some features customised then it will require some additional cost.

For users, if you are deploying a module on a Community edition, then it will not have any user cost.However, if you are deploying it on Enterprise edition, then it will require some user licence cost.

To use different teams on different projects we can put multiple members in a single team and then we can use those teams directly on projects to give access rights to users.

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Project Scrum Introduction and Configuration

Project Management is the biggest and very tedious task in any IT company. So here we are with our -Project Scrum Agile Portal Module which will allow the user to handle their project in an easy way.

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