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Project Management System

Gives You Power to Manage Workload of Projects, Tasks & Timesheet

Manage Your Project Tasks with SerpentCS "TOdoo" Mobile: Your Ultimate Project Management Companion!

Discover the power of our Odoo HRMS Mobile App, designed to revolutionize your human resource management. Simplify employee interactions, streamline attendance tracking, manage leaves effortlessly, and enhance overall HR efficiency.

  • Making Projects and task management easy and efficient with SerpentCS "TOdoo Mobile App" powered with Odoo technology.

  • Assign projects or tasks effortlessly with descriptions and add attachments in Notes having HTML format for the attachment of images, etc. ensuring daily tasks meet their deadlines organized with a calendar.

  • Easy options to change stages of tasks like completed, pending, etc. Also, have dark theme support and a user-friendly interface, we can track the to-do list conveniently.