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A Comprehensive solution for Travel Agency to operate a business seamlessly

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Specially built for Travel Agency company and Tour Company

We live in the technological era, where everyone is looking for refreshment in the form of a Tour, they love to explore different places. For this reason, they always look for different tours that are online or offline.

How would it be if you have software that covers Package Creation, Contracts with your suppliers, Customer Management?

Let’s check out the key features of our  Tours and Travels management software.

      Create a Package with a full description with Itinerary plan

      Allows to create a customized package for your Prime Customers

      Make a contract with your suppliers (Accommodation, Transport, and Restaurant)

      Contracts can be created based on Seasons

      Get a Booking inquiry for Tour Package from the website

      Tour package offers Group costing options for registration ( 1PX,2PX,3PX)

      Easy to send the Package quotation to customers

      Add customer feedback can be published on the website as a Testimonials

Are you worried about managing the Tour package and Contracts with your Suppliers?

Let’s have a look at how you can create a contract with your suppliers ( Hotel registration, Meal Registration, Transportation registration)

As you can see below the Image, where you can make a registration for a Hotel.

Here you get options to add details like if they provide meals then users can add restaurant services.

Easy to define Meal packages for your Tour Package.

When users get registration options allows you to create different rooms with a price list that your suppliers are offering.

Travel agency management  Software helps to visibility your Hotel Information on the website that includes the Hotel facilities and Hotel Overview. (See below Image)

Easy to find contract details from the Registration Page that gives a clear overview of Hotels’ total contracts. In addition to that based on the services by suppliers, users can add ratings for Internal reference.

Likewise, Travel agencies can create contracts for Transportation Registration. As shown in the image below.

Additionally, It offers to add vehicle details and capacity of vehicles.