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Asset Management

SmartCities are smarter with Apps & Systems which manage everything which is in use by administration or by citizens. Since the idea of SmartCities is to manage both people & assets used by them, we are offering Asset Management in our SmartCity ERP Solution. Everything which serves the administration or citizens with any specific purpose can be defined as an asset. For instance, goods related to traffic management or water & energy networks-related parts/goods used. All can be considered assets. So when we have the asset we need to manage it with preventive maintenance and so many other things involved. There should be a proper list & track of assets acquired by the administration.


Asset management with preventive maintenance

Asset maintenance with workforce & contractors

Preventive maintenance management for all the assets

CRM enquiries directly create work-orders

Well-connected with other citizen specific Apps & systems

Resource & Work Execution & Planning

Our Asset Management module helps the administration to constantly monitor each and every asset. This also includes the preventive & corrective maintenance of all the registered assets the city has. When it comes to maintenance, the administration would need the right set of skilled resources/people who can either assess the asset or take action to repair the broken-down assets. In other words, the administration would not only be able to manage the registration of the assets but also the resources & planning associated with it. In fact, this has been a thoughtful system that has its citizens interface to report any breakdown of any assets and it can directly be assigned to its respective departments & people. This is very much needed especially when the governing body serves the citizens with smart devices and related assets to take care of the ease of living. So then this can also be seen as a shared responsibility both of the government to take care of all the assets even with regular maintenance and of the citizens to be active enough to report if they are facing any issues or if they have any suggestions pertaining to any of the assets they use. 

Repair & Maintenance with Timesheet

Actions were taken against any issues raised by the citizen for any of the assets but that would need skilled resources. Or even in case of preventive regular maintenance of any of the assets, the government will have to either enrol the people or hire the contractors to take care of the agreed resources based on the usage & category of the assets. So our SmartCity ERP Solution offers resource & contracts management by going the extra mile. Also, the resources who are working to assess/repair any asset will be able to mark their actions on the timesheets which can further be accessed by any of the superior officers too. According to this either the payment to the contractor or any such other things can be effectively managed 

Payroll and Slips Management

Payroll is the biggest part of any HR module as the workforce is getting all their payments from the payroll as per their allowances and deductions. Our SmartCity ERP System allows different employees with different contacts to be managed in a single payroll module. As we know that there are different scales managed and there are multiple inclusions and exclusions in the payment, HR person has to manage all those details on a page or every time they have to check for every employee. 

A feature to generate payslips in bulk is also provided so that an HR person can create payslips in a single click for multiple employees. The whole payroll is directly connected to Accounting so all the entries are also affected at the company level and that is something which helps the senior management to manage HR & Payroll things in the easiest way possible.

Flexible & Comprehensive Report

Reporting is a must when we are to manage every smaller to larger asset the administration has for the city. There are various things to look at when the administration is taking care of the efforts and outsourcing some of the portions like maintenance or so. Our Smart City Solution offers various types of reports. We are to talk about some of the major reports it offers.

-Work-list Report helps to prioritise the tasks which have been assigned to any of the workers or contractors. This will help in the overall planning and execution of the maintenance or assessment work done by the worker/contractor.

-A cost Report helps to plan for the estimated & actual cost the administration will be paying to the agency/contractor.

-Work Order Status Report will be useful when the superior officers want to have a glance view of the work done or pending.

-The field & Production Resource Utilisation Report is all about suggesting the right direction of utilizing the resources to add extra effectiveness with accuracy.

-Asset Availability Report is good to look at when you want to consume the asset but also want the system to suggest what asset at what time would be perfect to use & get the work done.


So this SmartCity ERP we have is a complete & comprehensive solution along with the administration backend and with the interface which can directly be used by the citizens. The same goes with Asset Management as well as citizens are able to interact directly with the right set of people within the administration to raise queries/suggestions & issues according to the situation. This helps the governing bodies and contractors to work together and hence makes sure to serve citizens with the best possible coordination between departments & agencies.