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SerpentCS is now CMMI-L3 Company

September 8, 2021 by
SerpentCS is now CMMI-L3 Company

Winning over anything has always been our habit. When we talk about certifications it's just not about becoming functionally certified in Odoo but we also keep assessing our capabilities of process improvement. We kept on pushing our limits in almost every function of operations to achieve a well-defined & balanced way of working. It's an immense pleasure to represent SerpentCS as we just got elevated to CMMI Level-3 Company. Congratulations to us! Hard work always pays off & This is the result of the way we played around our practices & kept on improvising our strategies which leads to offering better solutions & that too with the well-defined processes.


CMMI is a globally accepted assessment program for companies especially working on solution development & services delivery. This global measurement is administered by CMMI Institute which is a subsidiary of ISACA - Information System Audits & Control Association & developed by Carnegie Mellon University - Pennsylvania (USA). This process has been reviewed & its latest version V2.0 has just been announced in 2018.


What does it mean to be at CMMI Level-3?

Being uplifted to another upper level of CMMI means that we are moving from having a Reactive approach to having a Proactive approach in any process-related situation in an organization. 05 levels include Initial, Managed, Defined, Quantitatively Managed & Optimised. Direction is from bottom to top right from being a company having a basic but less-defined structure of working to being a company where everything would have been highly Optimised & tightly defined. As shown in an image here with all the steps, we now have been awarded as CMMI Level-3 organization since SerpentCS now has defined processes that have a proactive way of working across the departments. We have been performing A-B Testing which now placed us at level-3 as we have well-defined processes & practices in every department right from Sales, Marketing, HR, Software Development, Implementation & Support. Having defined processes is something which can be discussed internally but it has its indirect impact on overall customer satisfaction & that surely helps us to pursue new customers while retaining the existing ones.


We strive to get going & keep on enhancing our way of working in a way that benefits both our internal stakeholders & our customers. This is a result of combined efforts & hard work demonstrated by our founding members Mr. Jay Vora & Mr. Husen Daudi. They just work the way they want their employees to work & guide us to be more productive & focused as they always have demonstrated themselves by doing so. 

SerpentCS is thankful to everyone who is directly or indirectly involved to make this mark & make SerpentCS be known for how it works.

About Serpent

Since 2011, the company has started offering Odoo ERP Services which is later extended to the Training, ERPNext Development, Android mobile app development, Ionic app development, and AR/VR development. The company has served 850+ customers in total across 150+ geographic nations, which will continue to increase. The pool of skilled and qualified employees is the true gem that helps the company to smoothly sail the development boat and achieve the bigger milestones. The array of services, manpower and advanced technology leverage make the company a perfect fit for all the app development needs.


Our recent Achievements include: 

  • Placed among Top 500 Most Promising IT company.
  • Placed among Top 100 SMEs of India.
  • Received the IEDRA award for Economical Growth of India.
  • Received the Global Leadership Award.

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