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'Oh My GOD' by SerpentCS at Old age home on October 2 2012

October 20, 2012 by
'Oh My GOD' by SerpentCS at Old age home on October 2 2012


Happy Gandhi Jayanti and Happy Lal Bahadur Shashtri Jayanti!

I am almost sure this title would confuse you a little and make you wonder what would this mean ? But, 'relax'!

This is about the celebration of a Holiday by a typical and very different 'SerpentCS' way! We believe in doing different things and if normal things, doing them differently.

We had this day a working day and we planned to give a tribute to Gandhiji by having a working day and spreading a word of smile. As a part of CSR, We planned to visit a nearby Old Age Home called 'Krishna Vriddhashram'. Under the goodwill of Mr. Nitesh Vaghani, all the old aged elders were fed under the holy reason of the Shraddh of his Father!
  SerpentCS CSR at Krishna Vriddhashram   
Based on the request of the officials of the ashram, we managed the copy of the movie 'Oh My GOD', all courtesy to Mr. Tanmay Vora. We are sure this would be one of the very very rare kind of charity or act from corporates to show a movie to elders at Old age home, we are proud to do it!

Every old aged person enjoyed the very well planned movie 'Oh my GOD' and had smiles, lessons, feelgoods all around. They shared a word of 'Thanks' and wished us the best of the future endeavours ahead.

Spread your goodwills, smile and inspire others to do their duties to society.

Lets make the world a happier place to live!


Serpent Consulting Services.