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Configuration wizard in OpenERP 7.0

November 8, 2012 by
Configuration wizard in OpenERP 7.0

  One of the priorities we have at OpenERP s.a. is usability! In this extent, we have developed another feature that we believe will simplify the use of your configuration in OpenERP. How did we make this be possible? First of all, we grouped the configuration in one single place and simplified the screen by giving you the freedom to decide what you want use and what you want to see. In former versions of OpenERP, the user had to change his interface, by switching between simplified and extended, then install modules, and/or add groups to users. As a user, you were really not offered many choices and sometimes had to use some features that you didn't need. Now, each application has its own configuration defined in one form. All those forms are in the menu Settings of OpenERP. The configuration form gives the users options to select from and apply immediately. Once done, the system is configured immediately Let's see how this is done with and example of a Sales Order.

Here is a sale order without configuration: Configure sales in Settings/Configuration/Sales:

  • You want to manage discount - Select the option "Discount".
  • You want Pricelist - Select the option "Pricelist per Customer".
  • you invoice on deliveries - Select invoicing method "Based on Deliveries".

Here you have the wizard with the features you want:   After configuration, a sales order looks like this:

  • The selected items in the configuration form will install the needed modules, add the necessary groups to users, or set some default values.
  • It also makes pricelists and discount visible in sale orders, and configure the system to generate invoice after deliveries.
  • You did not check "Allow Different Units of Measure", so you don't see units of measure in your sale order or product views.

So, there you have it, the new improved configuration wizard to make your usability experience with OpenERP more pleasant and faster. Courtesy : OpenERP