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Things to consider before going for E-commerce integration

June 1, 2014 by
Things to consider before going for E-commerce integration

Can your system of E-commerce be integrated?

There are 4 important things or pointers for consideration when you look at the E-commerce integration. Below are given things to consider before going for E-commerce integration (back link) to ensure that your E-commerce integration is successful:

1) Do you include an integration strategy and data usage? In integration strategy and data it is essential to answer three basic questions:

  • What: There are countless data. So this is actually important to identify actually what data needed to be integrated and from different sources.
  • Where: After deciding the data, you should know where the data needed to go.
  • How: How the data is going to reach the needed place from EDI/non-EDI or web store.
After that the 2 nd consideration comes

2) Will you make your individual custom assimilation or purchase a system which is off the shelf? This point comes with a few considerations. You have to look at the worth which custom built assimilation brings to the company in comparison to a platform off the shelf. Worth is big and covers costs and efficiency of the data movement.

So, If you select a platform off the shelf, it’s a good choice. This leads to next main consideration that is

3) Select a system which is correct for the company and not the one which is correct for the trading partner. Any of the trading partners you have or even consultants and accountants may have the platform which they prefer for using. You must consider their ideas as it is crucial that ultimately you select the platform which works the best with data strategy you have and long-term company objectives. Selected system can be modified according to your changing technology, business and priorities. Technology change brings the 4th consideration, Social Media.

4) Select a system which will permit you to add all the elements of social media of the company. This sounds illogical but in several organizations, the fact is back dropping its head. Nowadays, social media has a great role in business ecosystem. It gives instant client feedback to companies, helps to find fresh leads and permits to create wonderful content which has potential to get to countless people. However, it takes time. You can save time as well as money only if your combination permits you for automating your campaigns for social media and get metrics and study so that you make changes rapidly and see outcomes.

Ultimately, the important thing is to remember that the key to the success of integration is an absolute system.

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