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How to Find the Best Odoo ERP Consultant

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July 13, 2020 by
How to Find the Best Odoo ERP Consultant

Odoo ERP Consultant

An increasing number of organizations are these days switching to enterprise resource planning or ERP solutions to increase productivity, boost sales, and improve operational efficiency. Particularly, with Odoo ERP, you can manage all the areas of your business seamlessly using a simple dashboard. 

Odoo stands for “on-demand open object.” Odoo ERP is open-source software with an intuitive dashboard to store various business-related applications and modules. The modules are related to different key business areas, including e-commerce, CRM, sales management, HRMS, warehouse management, field service, rental, and accounting. 

An Odoo ERP consultant can help your business get the complete range of benefits from Odoo ERP and have a competitive edge. Consider the following factors while finding the best Odoo ERP consultant.

The ERP Consultant should have End-to-End Knowledge of Odoo

The ERP consultant or vendor you hire should have thorough knowledge about the Odoo ERP system. It is because Odoo is a comprehensive application, comprising various nuances that only an expert can figure out, and will help transform your business towards a better future. It is always recommended to consult Odoo Gold Partner Company who possess detailed knowledge about the following areas:

The Most Updated Version of Odoo

The ERP consulting firm you choose should be aware of the latest version of the Odoo ERP with respect to its editions. Odoo has two editions: Odoo Enterprise (licensed) and Odoo Community (open-source). The ERP consultant can advise you about implementing the ideal version for setting up your business process. An incorrect decision may result in paying extra operational recurring costs.

Clear Understanding of the Odoo ERP Costs   

Cost is a crucial factor while implementing an ERP system due to its long-term implications. Discuss with a potential ERP consultant to ensure clarity on costs including, subscription costs, implementation costs, support, and hosting charges.

The Required ERP Modules   

There are more than 21,000 modules available in the Odoo store. Some of these modules are free, and some are paid. An ERP consultant should be able to help you select the modules best suited for your business needs. 

Odoo ERP Third-party Integration   

The Odoo ERP is open source and quite customizable and allows easy integration with third-party providers. Your Odoo ERP consultant should know how to integrate the ERP with third-party providers for e-commerce, payment gateway, shipping, and other areas. 

Hosting the Odoo ERP   

Your ERP consultant should know about hosting the ERP. The consultant should be able to choose the best hosting option based on your business' operations.

The ERP Consultant Should Have Vast Industry Experience

Integrating ERP is a crucial process for your business for its long-term goals. This is why the ERP consulting firm you choose needs to have prior industry experience. It will be ideal if the consultant holds experience working with an organization in a similar business line as yours. It is better to explore client testimonials and case studies.

An expert and reputable ERP consulting firm can assess the suitability of ERP implementation, and get to work with testing, data migration, production rollout systematically. A consultant has hands-on experience in ERP implementation in a fast turnaround time. The consultant will also ensure to provide foolproof security to your data.

The ERP Consultant Adopts an Effective Process Management Approach

Generally, ERP projects have their own set of complex non-technical challenges that can slow down their progress. This is why the ERP consulting firm you hire needs to adopt effective and modern methodologies for seamless project management. 

The ERP consultant should have a holistic approach to adopting the right methodologies by focusing on employees, processes, and technology. Besides ERP implementation, the consultant should also have expertise in business process reengineering and change management. This approach is a paradigm shift from the traditional ERP implementation, which lacked flexibility and inclusiveness. 

Odoo ERP Consultant Can Make Customization a Reality

Your Odoo ERP consultant needs to have the right insight and knowledge to customize the ERP rollout according to your business needs. The consultant will be aware of how using some additional features can help your business get the optimal usage benefits. 

Proper customization will improve the user interface, ensure a positive user experience, maximize efficiency, and increase productivity without increasing your budget. Look for an ERP consultant that can incorporate the most cost-effective methods to improve customer engagement. This way, you can focus your resources on helping customers rather than figuring out what solutions they are seeking. 

Before We Go

Odoo ERP implementation often poses a challenge to businesses, as they cannot keep up with this dynamic and evolving platform. 

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