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Give your entrepreneurial idea the wings to fly with field service management software

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November 15, 2018 by
Give your entrepreneurial idea the wings to fly with field service management software


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The Internet is a funny place. You will see so many people claiming to have the idea for “Uber” first. They just never pursued it (for whatever reasons).

In the midst of such interesting stories and lots of memes, one fact becomes evidently clearer—ideas are free, actions aren’t.

Many people dream to be an entrepreneur. Some even have decent ideas. But they never commit to achieve that dream. While a decade back, they were confused with the “what’s” and “how’s”, today they have no such reasons. We’re living in a time when turning your free ideas into definitive action has never been this easier.

Whether you want to create a new cab-hailing app or launch an online grocery app, OR, maybe an app-based on medical service provider—you can do that all rather easily with a much less technical prowess with Field Service Management Apps.

Field service management solutions are already empowering thousands of young and experienced businesses around the world. And the right one assures to fit in your needs and goals just as adequately.

The New Age of Ultra-Fast Services

Consumers are impatient!

From “I need the delivery tomorrow” to “I want home delivery in an hour”—we have journeyed a long distance. We want quick services—we want them now. Haircuts, medical care, hotel room booking, food delivery, and more: everything needs to be instant in this digital age.

Thousands of SME’s are leveraging on this new trend of “ultra-fast” services—and so can you. Packing advanced features custom to unique requirements, the right Field Service Management Software can be deployed to help you stride ahead with your free ideas to create the next big thing.

What’s Your Idea?

While a good field service system can stretch to many industries and niches, there are few business domains that are more ideal over others:

  • Taxi service

  • House maintenance

  • Health and hospitality

  • Door delivery

The general framework is the same for all. On-field servicemen, customers, and operators are primarily the three parties involved here—each with their all unique dashboards, connected and streamlined with each other.

The customer orders for a service from her/his mobile application. Based on various, predetermined variables, the best suited on-field serviceman gets the notification. Upon confirmation, the customer gets the ordered service and serviceman gets paid. The entire communication between both the parties is automated. As for operator, they ensure the backend is managed smooth and that both customer and on-field serviceman enjoy a seamless experience.

Of course, depending on your product/service, business model and goals, this process can vary. And as an operator, you can tweak different options and power more features. Let’s quickly explain how the right Field Management ERP fits in the demand of the four mentioned business domains:

  1. Taxi Service- Drivers sign up for the solution and get an app. Customers download the app. Now, when in need for a ride, the customers can shoot their phone, enter the app and order a ride. They can select the pickup and drop solution, time and the type of car they want. Depending on different factors, like how close they are to the location of the customer and what kind of car they have, the most suitable taxi driver will get the notification. She/he will have the option to accept or ignore the order. If accepted, the customer will get the confirmation about the ride, cost, and time of arrival. After they have reached the destination, the customer will pay the driver and an invoice will be generated on their app.

  2. House Maintenance- Service providers sign up and get an app. Customers get the app. Now, if they need some reparation work at home or any kind of maintenance service, customers can enter the app, select the service they want, pick from a handful of servicemen and place their order. The respected service provider gets the notification—she/he can accept or ignore the order. If accepted, the customer will be conveyed when the maintenance worker will visit them, the cost and so forth through an instant notification. After the work is done, the customer pays and the worker leaves. Invoice is generated automatically on the app. The scope of home maintenance is extremely wide; so, you can work with many ideas.

  3. Health and Hospitality- The doctors and healthcare provider sign up for the solution. The consumer downloads the app. Now, when they are sick or require health care service, they can use the app to connect with the right solution provider based on their distinct needs, requirements, locations, and various factors. The other party can accept or decline the request. If confirmed, the message will automatically be conveyed to the consumer. Similarly, in the hospitality sector, based on their needs, requirements, budget, and location, customers can choose hotel rooms, rentals, and other living space. From order to confirmation, everything is streamlined and automated.

  4. Door Delivery- A customer browses through the collection and places an order at an e-commerce platform. The seller can accept or ignore the request. Upon the final confirmation depending on various factors, the entire order fulfillment process is integrated on the app for easy tracking of the customers using a unique code—right from dispatch from the warehouse to the final delivery. The invoice is generated automatically on the app.

The ‘Mastermind’ Operator

As an operator, your primary focus will be to ensure the entire process is managed well and that both the on-field servicemen and customers are fully satisfied. To make this happen, you will have plenty of options at the backend, right from automating job assignment to configuring services and localization configuration to job analysis. You can add new features and change the existing ones.

Indeed, doing these is easier said than done. Handling backend, although not as technical as once traditionally was, is going to be a challenge. For this reason, not only would you need to get the best (and user-friendly) Field Management System but also have the right consultants and experts by your side.

So, again, what’s your idea?

Outline it and define it further. Ideas have always been free. But today, more than ever, turning those ideas into definite action is the easiest. All you’ve got to do is just act. Hand-in-hand with the right Field Service Management Software, creating the next-big-thing isn’t difficult.