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Configuring our Freight Management Solution

A complete & step-by-step guide to get your Freight Software working
January 10, 2022 by
Configuring our Freight Management Solution

Freight Management Solution is one of the 50+ custom made applications we serve our customers with. We have this solution now available in the latest version of Odoo which is V15 and that too both in Enterprise & Community with no or little differences. This solution has been implemented at various freight management & freight forwarder companies across the globe. Every solution needs to be configurable when it comes to its system settings & master data. This is also the beauty of Odoo based systems that everything is not hardcoded but we allow customers to set-up their systems the way they want to use. 

So we certainly need to know how one will be able to use this solution in the most efficient way by getting it configured well. Also when it comes to the configurations there are two aspects of any such solutions. A : It should be allowing its users to get things running smoothly with its master data. B : It should allow its users to have the complete freedom to create re-usable data as a part of the one-time configurations we perform prior to we start using it.

This article will explain to you with the step-by-step guide of configuring our Freight Management Software. We assume that you already have the solution and then following these steps will surely get the solution working.

Freight management

Configuring our Freight Solution

One can smartly use this solution if it has been smartly implemented with the right configurations. So by going inside our Freight Management Software, there will be a separate menu for Configuration. In Configuration, we will be able to get our Locations, Vessels, Airlines, Containers & Pricing List configured. What every menu does, how we can get them configured & what impact it will have in the other parts of the solution are the points we are going to cover here further.

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When we are working with the Freight Software, everything starts by creating the shipment. Shipment which is being transported from one location to another. Also in case of global shipments, there will be one location to export something to another importing location. We will need to select both of the locations while working with the shipments in our system and there should be some quick ways to get both the locations selected. In order to make it faster, our Shipment Management Software will not ask you to manually enter the locations. That would be a bad idea for many reasons. Also it will be slower and error-prone compared to having something which is pre-configured. So we have this configuration available at Freight >> Configuration >> Locations. There will always be three types of commute and those are Air, Ocean & Land. Every location can be configured along with the applicable ways of transportation as well. This configuration will help users  to only see the locations based on the transportation type selected while creating the shipping order. Also, location mentioned in Source station will not be visible in the list while the user selects the Destination, which is preventing users from entering false data. You can create as many locations as you need and use it quickly when it comes to selecting both source and destination for the shipment being transported.