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GNU Health - A healthy initiative towards Mankind & Humanity

June 1, 2014 by
GNU Health - A healthy initiative towards Mankind & Humanity
GNU Health is the free information system of hospital and health that gives the following services:
  • EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
  • Health Information System
  • HIS (Hospital Information System)
It is planned to be a multi-platform, so that it can easily be set up in various operating systems (FreeBSD, GNU/Linux, MSWindows) and various systems of database management (PostgreSQL). It is written in the Python and utilizes Tryton framework.

GNU Health Or Proprietary System?

GNU Health is a certified GNU program (back link to GNU service page). This community based project is improved in the following in comparison with proprietary system:
  • Providers and administrators can download the GNU Health free of cost, study it and can adjust it to the requirements.
  • No seller lock-in is there, as no seller is there. No upgrade scripts or hidden costs are there. Anybody can upgrade the most up-to-date version of it for free.
  • The international community supports GNU Health. It has community, demo server, IRC channels, and documentation at the Wiki-Books, mailing lists, development environment and system of bug tracking.

GNU Health is FREE

GNU Health which is a healthy initiative towards mankind and humanity grows from the ability, feedback and assistance of a continuously growing community. Academic institutions are already there such as the United Nations & the International Institute of it for the Global Health, training health professionals about GNU Health across the globe. GNU Solidario, an NGO behind the GNU Health, delivers education and health with software for free. GNU Health gives primary care & precautionary medicine. For example, GNU Health is having a health module exact to the MDG6, aiding to fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria and also Tuberculosis. The GNU Solidario hosts International Workshop which is on e-Health as well in the Emerging Economies which is an annual conference paying attention on the free software based on e-Health. GNU Health is having participants and guests and Doctors with no Borders, UNESCO, United Nations, Red Cross, health ministries and academic institutions. So, it is more than free of cost. Please Contact Us to know more!