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SerpentCS Extending Streamlined Hotel Management Solutions With Ratemetrics Integration

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May 18, 2017 by
SerpentCS Extending Streamlined Hotel Management Solutions With Ratemetrics Integration

Ratemetrics  one of the most prominent rate shop solutions for Hotel Management Industry offers real-time solutions to the hospitality industry. Being a leading solution provider for the hotel industry, SerpentCS has is going to integrate this real-time service with its own OpenERP / ODOO Hotel Management Module. To achieve this, we have already done collaboration with Ratemetrics.


Before sharing more details about this partnership, let us first have a brief glance over what Ratemetrics actually is and what it offers to the hospitality industry. So here we go:

Ratemetrics is a real-time hotel rate evaluation product that offers most powerful, fastest and smartest pricing decision support system for the hotel managers. It offers almost everything that you need to support rate decisions in just one simple, low-cost subscription.

There are some of the most Spectacular Functionalities of Ratemetrics that are Further Divided into Three Prime Versions, Namely -:

Pro Version :-

  •  One of the powerful online decision support tool for individual hotels, hostels, boutiques and vacation rentals as well. You can create as many compset groups as required.

  •  Understand competitor rates at a single glance.

  •  Multiple filters to view rates of different hotels, viz. by single hotels or competitor group, by source, by days out or arrival date.

  •  Act faster with data exports, alerts and future impact event as well.

  •  Convenient single rate forecasting on each competitor.

  •  Easy to identify competitive products and prices.

  •  Help in making better pricing decisions.

Group Version :-

  • The Ratemetrics Group is one of the powerful decision support systems for hotel chains, consultants, and management companies as well.

  • It allows easy sharing and collaboration with colleagues and affiliates.

  • Convenient option to create as many compset groups needed and serve the information your team needs.

  • Providing real-time forecasting with the goal of making more informed decisions.    

Enterprise Partner Version :-

  •  The Enterprise Partner Version offers seamless integrated rates hopping system in order to provide value to customers and affiliates through software providers, consultants,    and resellers.

  •  Enterprise Version lets you get full administrative power for creating and managing customer and affiliate accounts With Ratemetrics Enterprise Partner Version, you will get a  white label option in order to get seamlessly integrated with the brand.

  •  It supports seamless sign-on for direct integration with the native interface. 

Thus, This was all about Ratemetrics and its 3 Pre-Defined Versions that are built in a way to offer strong support to the Hotel Industry- Whether Individual or Group.

As SerpentCS has its own Hotel Management Module in OpenERP / ODOO platform, we are planning to integrate our system with Ratemetrics in future. With this partnership, we are planning to offer Ratemetrics services with Odoo hotel module in near future. Besides that, we have become the official reseller of this Real Time Hotel Management System. By being Ratemetrics reseller, we would bring powerful decision intelligence solutions to the local market.