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Mobile Game Application Development

Mobile Game Development Company India, Game Developers in India
June 8, 2020 by
Mobile Game Application Development


mobile game development company

Mobile game applications are here to stay! In fact, they are the most downloaded applications globally, and the market is set to hit $106.4 billion by 2021!

When it comes to adding versatility and revenue generation, mobile game applications have unlimited potential. Research shows that around 25% of all mobile apps that users download are game apps. Keeping in mind users’ interests, we design gaming apps accordingly.  

Our mobile game development services are on a roll by using emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). 

Game Tools 

As a top mobile game development company, we have some of the best game developers in the market, who extensively design the features and the personality of unique games.

In this effort, we use Unity 3D, a comprehensive and flexible real-time game app development tool. The effectiveness and popularity of this tool are evident from the data that over 50% of all new mobile game apps shape up in Unity.

The modular tools of Unity 3D allow us to develop highly engaging 3D games for keen gamers all around the world. We have already created some of the most attractive and high-resolution games using Unity 3D that users love to play. 

Android Game Development 

As a leading Android game development company, we use a 3D gaming platform to manage different game objects' laws and behaviours. Subsequently, our developers render graphics, lighting, and physics, including gravity and momentum. At SerpentCS, we create Android games from scratch based on the customised needs of our clients. Some of the popular Android mobile games that we have developed are Animal 4D Game, Augmented Chess, and Augmented Racer.

iOS Game Development

We are also a frontline iPhone game development company, and develop interesting games on the iOS platform. 

Developing iOS games is a complex process. By using the Unity 3D tool, we access the iOS functionalities, including multi-touch screen, device geographical location, accelerometer, and others. 

Our developers work using C, C++, or Objective-C scripts to bind native functions. Subsequently, they make the client's application ready for an in-app purchase. We also check the splash screen customisation page to make sure the image looks perfect while launching a gaming app.

Mobile Game Development Services We Offer

SerpentCS offers the following range of mobile game development services:

Art, Design & Animation: Our mobile game app developers have expertise in 3D design and animation, compositing, and VFX. We also take care of all the aspects of post-production motion graphics. 

UI/UX: We offer advanced UX/UI development services by ensuring consistency in design and code. Pieces of the design system are reusable across multiple parts of a product and even across different projects. We create a clear and fully functional UX/UI for the future app.

Development: We specialise in developing high-quality and versatile mobile apps. In addition, we are also adept at using all the mobile-enabled technologies and work on all the popular mobile platforms to ensure optimal coverage for mobile game apps users. 

Testing: We carry out extensive testing on mobile game applications for their usability, features, and performance to ensure an amazing user experience. Through testing, we weed out issues related to functionality, lack of performance, and scalability. 

Why Should You Hire SerpentCS? 

If you are looking to launch successful mobile game apps, you need a reputable and reliable mobile game app development company that has expert and seasoned app developers. 

We can provide complete game app development solutions in your project and create high-resolution graphic games for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. At SerpentCS, we develop top-notch web applications after thorough testing procedures at a competitive price. Please feel free to contact us at any time for consultation, and we will be glad to assist you.