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Be an OpenERP/ODOO Functional Consultant

June 1, 2014 by
Be an OpenERP/ODOO Functional Consultant

OpenERP/ODOO is wide-ranging and extremely modular ERP software which can effortlessly be executed in any small to any average businesses where execution of the ERP is intricate. OpenERP/ODOO proffers a wide range of advantages other than cost efficiency and as a result, it’s becoming very admired in businesses of all size. The reputation of the ODOO which was formerly called as OpenERP also has raised the requirements of the learned OpenERP/ODOO experts who can maintain each and every feature of the OpenERP/ODOO which is ranging from the installation to the troubleshooting of it, handling the modules to the generic business procedures and also carrying out easy and smooth practical operations to the configuration of the standard modules. At the Serpent Consulting Services, we offer comprehensive reasonable functional training of OpenERP/ODOO for people to be an OpenERP/ODOO functional consultant, which covers all aspects of the functional implementation as well as deployment of the frameworks of the OpenERP/ODOO. We make sure that training is carried out by extensively skilled ERP experts who can influence their professional knowledge as well as experience to assist the training members for learning the deep-delved perceptions of the functional facets of the ERP. OpenERP/ODOO possesses numerous benefits and features which makes it the first choices of many organizations. A few of these astounding facets that the OpenERP/ODOO offers are:

  • Management accounting and financial management
  • Sales, buy and stock management
  • HR management and IT resources
  • Marketing promotion and task’s automation
  • Multilingual interfaces for users
  • Automation of recurring invoice and management of transport fleet
  • Absolute modularity and matchless adaptation to the enterprises

We offer utmost affordable functional training of OpenERP/ODOO as well as make sure that our skilled professionals are talented to optimally use the functional facets of the OpenERP/ODOO. Our focus always remains on helping the professionals to become extremely productive OpenERP Functional Consultant for any organization and can help in making organizational procedures effective and can also help any organization to grow whilst dropping its overheads. To know more about OpenERP Functional Consultant training, feel free to Contact Us