Courier Management Software- The Boon For Logistics, Courier, And Warehouse Industry!

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February 17, 2020 by
Courier Management Software- The Boon For Logistics, Courier, And Warehouse Industry!

Courier Management Software

The E-Commerce market is booming with revenue projected to reach $3.9 trillion by 2020 with a growth of 16% from the last year. 

That’s why new players are now entering the game. But, the novices are unaware of the factors that are negatively impacting the E-commerce growth. Presently, the expedited delivery from the same day to an hour has become a part and parcel of the E-commerce business. But, the inefficient logistics, courier, and warehouse management are not allowing the E-commerce owners to meet the dynamic user’s needs. 

It’s a sign, the logistics, courier, and warehouse management are integral to achieve success in the E-commerce business model. There is one solution to all the problems, that’s courier management software.

A quick look at courier management software:

The software is a solution that meets the end-to-end transportation needs of the business in a cost-efficient, timely, and optimal resource utilization manner. It delivers a satisfying experience to the customers and makes the work easier for the logistics providers using a couple of modules such as customer management module, administrator module, a payment module, consignee module, consignment receipt generation module, bill generation module, and others.

How is courier management software lending a hand to logistics management?

The rising transportation cost, less visibility into multiple supply chains, poor infrastructure, and the plethora of regulations and compliances are some of the challenges that logistics managers are facing the most. It is eliminated by courier management software’s capability to track products and orders with GPS to manage deliveries and provide estimated delivery time. 

With web-based courier software, the piles of papers get shifted to electronic format, where the records can be easily accessed, modified, and used as needed. The route optimization helps drivers take the optimal route which further diminishes the fuel and time expenses. The logistics providers will have all the data at the disposal that can be analyzed to improve the operations. 

Besides, there is no headache of human errors, that’s generally termed as no exception. ☺ Leveraging advanced technologies, the software ensures zero errors and let the operations to be precise.  

There is a lot of data, which is crucial to logistics companies and can be illegally accessed or tampered. Don’t worry. The software creates a net of security around the data and limits the data accessibility to privileged employees, which ensures data security. 

How is courier management software improving warehouse management?

The software helps in efficiently managing the warehouse space and environmental conditions to ensure optimal use of the warehouse space, and products remain stored and maintained under safe conditions respectively. With online inventory management, the likelihood of duplicate entry or inaccurate data entry becomes nil, which implies the data of all the warehouses can be viewed on a single dashboard. The central management of the warehouse data helps in allocating the shipment pick-up to the nearby warehouse location and courier person that further aids in reducing the order processing time and cost.

How is courier management software making courier management transparent?

The modern customers no more like to stay in the dark. Plus, the company can’t work efficiently in the unawareness of consignment details, driver details, route details, and others. The courier management software provides two different sections- one for customers and second for the company. 

Under the company section, the company will have the minute details related to courier and consignments which clearly illustrate delivery cost, ETAs, delays, and others. The customer information is stored and managed, in addition to administration activities like receiving order requests to take required actions. The automated bill generation for all the consignments alleviates the associated manual work and ensures no invoices remain pending against any order. The customer feedback feature helps in gaining customer’s reviews and rating that further helps in improving the operations and earn loyalty.  

The user-facing end of the software allows the customers to check the shipment status at every step of the way, estimated delivery time, and the delays in deliveries through instant notifications sent via emails or messages. The high visibility and transparency in the courier process make the customers happy. The multiple drop-off point management enabled by software allows the customers to receive the order near the drop-off point, which delivers a satisfactory experience. 


With the broad spectrum of features and benefits, the Courier management software has proven as a best-in-class solution that helps businesses address every logistics, warehouse, and courier related challenges. Don’t hang fire,implement it right away.