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Why You Should Prefer Odoo ERP Over Other ERPs?

The benefits of odoo ERP
February 4, 2020 by
Why You Should Prefer Odoo ERP Over Other ERPs?

The ERP solutions have become a part and parcel of modern businesses to maintain and manage the business operations, processes, and workflows. Finding an ERP that’s a perfect fit for the business and getting it right the first time is crucial because it directly impacts the growth and profitability of the businesses. Additionally, it demands a lot of time, effort, and resources investment, and not to forget, the high implementation cost.

Choosing the right ERP from the bunch of ERP software vendors such as SAP Business One, Scoro, NetSuite, Odoo, Oracle, and MS Dynamics NAV is a tricky and hectic procedure.

Often, the ERP vendors won’t precisely communicate the features and price structure to the business that makes the project suffer at the end. To avoid the unexpected things to happen and clear up the air, here we have enlisted a couple of points that showcase how Odoo ERP works great from large enterprises to SMEs with varying needs.

Take a look at why businesses give more credence to Odoo 13 Enterprise compared to other ERPs:

Freedom of hosting/server selection 

Odoo 13 is one of the ERPs that can be implemented on cloud (SAAS i.e. you don't have to manage your servers), on-premises i.e. implement odoo on your local server/computer) and on (Odoo will manage server for you based on your apps and user selection, you can also integrate 3rd party apps).  

Workplace and way of working are leaning towards mobility and hence client opts cloud hosting which is fully accessed through web browsers, in addition to responsive mobile UI, Android native app, and iOS native app availability, which are known for ease of use, seamless navigation, data entry, and hassle-free multi-user management support. 

Modular platform

Saying Odoo ERP a hub of more than 7000 modules is not an overstatement where each module serves the unique needs of the businesses. The modules can be gradually chosen and implemented to best suit the business workflow requirements. With every new version, the company is adding new modules to improve business operations, boost sales, enhance the user experience, and increase productivity. 

For instance, CRM, inventory, eCommerce, invoicing and accounting, email marketing, and marketing automation are some of the popular modules with base functionalities that can be integrated with the business system at ease. The Odoo community has contributed lots of add-ons (Available as free or paid) that help businesses to enhance the functionalities with extra features.

One-stop shop

You just name it and you have it- this can be called for Odoo 13 Enterprise platform where thousands of features under various modules supporting, managing, and evolving business operations effectively. Everything is available under one roof. 

Most of the features under sales, accounting, CRM, marketing, warehouse management, POS, Human resources, manufacturing, and usability and productivity categories encompassing everything, thereby alleviating the need to team up with other third-party vendors to meet the business need. 

Recently, Odoo has launched new apps to cover more business dimensions and they are Field Service Management, E-Learning, Rental, Planning, Social Marketing and many minor changes to existing apps. 

A high degree of freedom, scalability

Every business follows a specific business flow and it is not necessary that Odoo ERP will cover all. You can discuss your customization requirements with Odoo Partners and implement the same. The Odoo  Enterprise version is flexible that supports all changes that businesses need. In addition to such flexibility of customization, Odoo seamlessly integrates with existing business softwares as well.

With Odoo studio- the customization tool, any non-technical person can create and customize business apps, advanced screens, workflows and report templates in a couple of minutes without writing a single line of code.

Odoo studio helps end-users to make most of visual changes and apart from that Odoo modules can be customized based on specific business flow for which Odoo Partners can be a key contact for the same.

Intuitive user interface

The usability equation of the software is incomplete without an easy-to-use interface. The Odoo ERP has optimal UI with special design considerations, and visual elements to make the employees work on the software effortlessly. The multiple interface options are designed for varying business types so that employees’ efficiency won’t get negatively influenced and the number of errors can be diminished.  

With strong technical foundations, Odoo has surpassed Magento, Shopify, Slack, Mailchimp, Trello, and Salesforce software when it comes to user-friendliness across all of its apps. 

Easy migration from legacy software

You may have your own custom software and important data as well. Sometimes it is hard for the company to introduce or practice new software if they consider some challenges like data migration, users acceptance and overall organizational changes. Well, we must say that Odoo stands against all those risk factors. Odoo offers great UI, data migration scripts and reference materials for end users.



Customers, countries, and community

Odoo ERP boasts to have over 4 million users with 1202 partners across 120+ nations, which is itself the sign- how much the worldwide businesses are favouring Odoo. More than 10000+ apps built by Odoo S.A and its community showcase the company is aiming to make the vision and mission- “Grow your business” true.

The broader business scope of Odoo has left Ms. Dynamics, Netsuite, and Zoho-like leading players in dust and grown as a much faster solution. 

Free trial and reference material

Odoo ERP offers a free trial for 15 days and you don't have to provide your credit/debit card details. You can choose a maximum of 10 business apps from a list of apps which suits your business operations. 

Now you have ERP access and would like to see how that works?  Wait! Odoo has many reference videos which will be helpful for you, visit the learn section at Million users are convinced and using Odoo Solutions! Contact Odoo Official Gold Business Partner and ask for a detailed consultation.