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New Community Organization for OpenERP !

December 27, 2012 by
New Community Organization for OpenERP !

Dear Community,

We recently talked about joining our efforts to develop new OpenERP modules. For that purpose, we decided to create on Launchpad new projects sorted by topic with new teams to manage them.

The goals are:

  • To get rid of the big extra-addons branch

  • To join efforts on the same topic in order to avoid too many modules for a same feature

  • To become more aware of the developments that have been done by others

  • To start working with merge proposal between us

  • To improve the quality of our code

Camptocamp took time to create missing projects and their respective teams on Launchpad. When possible, we tried to reuse the existing ones. All listed projects provide a short description of the kind of modules you can find/merge into.

We do welcome you on board to join our efforts ! In order to add your own modules in the appropriate project, we suggest “merge proposals”. Depending on the volume, we might need some time at the beginning to review everything. We therefore want to thank you all in advance for your patience during this transition period. In some of these projects, we still need to push a branch on the existing series since we still need to extract our work.

For all of these projects, the rules we expect you to adhere to and respect are:

Should you have any suggestions related to the above rules, please feel free to post them on the framework expert mailing list. Note that there is still missing documentation in the official OpenERP doc on all of the following branches: Should anyone want to take time to add this information, it would be greatly appreciated as I’m running out of time to organize and manage this transition… Hope you’ll enjoy ! The list of the official community projects/topics can be found under this project group: Some of them are waiting on their owner to bring some modifications so they can fit into other projects (changing team, series,…). Should you be one of these owners, please inform us when ready. If owners refuse to open thir projects to the community, we’ll create another project.

Best regards, Joël Grand-Guillaume for Camptocamp’s Business Solutions team